How to bulk up your pit bull and add muscle fast!

If you are looking to build muscle,add size, and help your dogreachit’s fullest potential, you will need a mix between the right dog supplements, dog food, and exercise. Supplements such as BullyMaxprovide your dog with the essential vitamins and minerals needed to build muscle and add size. Theyalsoprovide pit bulls with essential amino fatty acids which are important for maintaining a healthy coat.

Bully Max Pit Bull Supplements Build Muscle and Add Size.

Choosing the right dog foods and exercises to build muscle

Now that you have the right supplements to build muscle in your pit bull, the next step is choosing the right dog food and exercise program. We recommend visiting the following sections of Bully Max’s website for exercise tips:
When choosing a dog food, you want to make sure the food contains a good source of protein, fat, and carbs. Many dog foods on the market are know as holistic dog foods. These are usually a bit more pricey, however they are human grade dog foods and are worth the extra cost.