How to Become a Sucessful American Bully Pit Bull Breeder, Part 1

how to breed american bullies

Pictured above is an American Bully Pit Bull with correct structure. Not too over-done, but you can immediate tell that it’s a Bully and not your standard pit bull.

How to Become a Successful American Bully Pit Bull Breeder

American pit bull bull terriers have been around for hundreds of years. However, there is a new breed that spawned off of the original APBT know as the American Bully. With a new breed, comes new breeders. If you are looking to become a breeder, then you are off to a good start by reaching it first.

The majority of people get into the dog breeding business for a one of two reasons, either to money, or because they love the breed.  Some are successful and better the breed, while others do damage to it. We will try to guide you on how to better the breed, and hopefully help you make some money while your at it.

Building an American Bully Kennel

As with anything, it takes money to make money. Investing in a proper set up is crucial for success. Find a good contractor that can pour concrete for your kennels and make sure to have proper drainage. To protect your dogs from the elements, you will need to install a roof, and put dog houses inside of the kennels. If you live in an area where the climates are extremely cold, they offer heated dog houses. If you live where the temperatures get extremely hot, you will want to add a cooling system. If you are going to insulate your dog houses inside of the kennel, you can use hay. However, you want to avoid using hay in your kennels during the summer months since they attract flies. Cooling systems usually consist of pvc piping that sprays a constant mist on your dogs. It’s a cheap and effective way of preventing your dogs from over heating.

building an american bully kennel

When building an american bully kennel, it’s important to use Priefert or Magnum kennels. These are the top two brands and will insure your dog’s will not be able to get loose. If you use chain-link fencing, you can almost guarantee that your dogs will get loose. Cheap kennels, and Chain-link fencing can be a huge liability and and you want to prevent this by spending the money for quality welded powder coated kennels like Priefert Kennels.

Choosing a bloodline to breed

When it comes to finding the foundation dogs for your kennel, you want to find a bloodline of dogs that suits your style. If you are looking for a clean American Bully, you want to look at the more traditional Razors Edge dogs, or even the Remyline bloodline. Both of these lines are more of the standard style American Bullies.

If you want more of an extreme looking line of dogs, you will want to look at Gottiline, or even some of the newer kennels that are breeding Razors Edge. Kurupt line is also a great choice for more exotic and extreme bullies.

Finding foundation dogs for your yard

Once you find the style of bully that you want to breed, you will need to find a kennel that is will to let go of some foundation stock. You want to get your foundation females from a kennel that has been around for a while. Kennels like Daxline, West Coast Gottiline, and Kurput Line are all know for producing quality and consistent litters. Therefore, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a couple of quality foundation dogs from kennels like these.

Be sure to get detailed pedigree information on the dogs to ensure you are getting a quality line bred dog (Meaning that the same ancestors appear more than once in the 4 generation pedigree). Line bred dogs usually produce the most consistent litters. Any kennel that has been around and knows what they are doing will only line breed, and sometimes inbreed their dogs. We will discuss line breeding and inbreeding in more detail later in these articles.

breeding american bully pit bulls

Shown above is an extremely popular American Bully Stud known as Mr. Miyagi. If you are fortunate enough to produce a dog that becomes as popular as Miyagi, you will have no problem studding your dog out for $5,000.00 a breeding. However,  You want to avoid buying male dogs at first. This is due to the fact that they don’t always turn out the way you expect. Housing them is also expensive. The solution is to take you female back to the kennel you got it from and line breed back to on of their stud dogs. Eventually you will be able to keep a male that you produced when the time is right.

A good quality foundation dog will usually run in the 2,500 – 3,500 price range. Anything more than this, don’t bother. I’ve ran across kennels that have 10,000 price tags on their puppies. While they may be producing nice dogs, they usually don’t have anything that you can’t find cheaper somewhere else. The reason people pay these ridiculous prices for dogs is always due to lack of knowledge about the breed. Anyone with any type of knowledge about American Bully bloodlines would never pay this much for a dog. Just keep in mind, just because the price tag is high, doesn’t mean it’s worth it.

Short wide and extreme pitbulls

Short wide and extreme pitbulls like these are becoming extremely popular. If you are in debate on which line of dogs (More traditional standard american bullies or extreme bullies) these line of dogs usually sell for far more money in comparison to standard bullies.

Find a stud dog for your yard

The majority of American Bully breeder offer stud service. If you are new to breeding dogs, you should take advantage of this.

Many people that get started in the dog breeding business usually purchase a stud dog or two along with some female dogs. Housing, feeding, and taking care of stud dogs can be very expensive and your not always guaranteed to have a great stud dog once they mature. The better way of going about this is to only purchase female dogs. When they are ready to breed you can contact kennels that offer stud service, or contact the kennel you purchased the female from.

You have a few benefits using a pitbull stud from another breeder instead of purchasing one yourself:

  • You can use a well known stud that will help puppy sales
  • You can line breed your dog using the kennel that you purchased your female from. (Line breeding will guarantee more consistent litters.)
  • You may wait two years only to find out the dog you purchased didn’t turn out to be a worthy stud dog. (Avoid this all together by using studs from other breeders)

As with all breeds of pit bulls, Blue nose pitbull puppies have excellent temperaments when socialized properly. If you put the work in when they are young, it will pay off in the long run. Having an aggressive dog can be a very big nuisance, not to mention a huge liability. If you own a dog that has the strength and power that a pitbull has, you need to put the work in to make sure they are socialized properly.

Part two of Becoming a Successful American Bully Breeder.