How to become a Successful American Bully breeder (Part 2)

ichiban american bully
Ichiban has become one of the most popular ABKC Bully Studs in the world. If you want to become an American Bully breeder, this is the level of dog that you should strive to produce.

How to Breed American Bullies

Welcome to part two of how to successfully breed American Bullies. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, you can do so here: How to become an American Bully Breeder.

When starting your program, it’s important to only purchase female puppies for your breeding program. Many breed try to take shortcuts and purchase adult females to start their breeding program. I highly advise against this. It would be a rare occasion for a dog breeder to sell a quality adult female that is able to produce puppies. It’s unfortunate, but this happens all of the time. A kennel offers an adult female dog for sale knowing the the dog is unable to produce litters. You invest time and money into the dog, only to find out that the dog is unable to breed. Your safest bet is to purchase a few female pups from a reputable breeder and wait until they mature.

How to avoid scams when purchasing a puppy

When looking for a puppy, it’s very easy to run across an ad that is a scam on the internet. Usually, scam artist use classified ads and post dog they don’t even own. There are even kennels that have websites and registered domains that will rip you off as well. It is very easy to protect your money when it comes to purchasing a pup. If you following these rules, you have no chance of falling victim to a scam.

  • Pick the Puppy up in person and pay cash if possible. Make sure the puppy’s papers are with a puppy at the time of purchase. Don’t fall for the old “the puppies registration papers will be in the mail” line. Be firm and make sure the puppy’s UKC papers are in hand. If the dog isn’t registered with the UKC, don’t bother purchasing the puppy. Any respectable American Bully Breeder will have their litter registered with UKC.
  • If you can’t pick the puppy up in person, make sure you use Paypal. Paypal is a great way to send money online securely. If the transaction turns out to be fraudulent, paypal will reimburse you money.
  • Tell the breeder to send pictures of both the sire and dam’s registration papers.
  • Never use money gram or western union to send payment.
  • If you can’t use paypal, use a credit card. A dispute can be filed with your credit company if the transaction is fraudulent as well.
how to breed pitbulls
If you are breeding American Bullies, they becoming a part of the American Bully Pit Bull community is a great way to get involved with the breed. While ABKC shows aren’t for everyone, attending these is a great way to advertise your kennel.

Becoming part of the American Bully Community

If you are breeding American Bullies, it would be a good idea to make contacts in the American Bully Community. Once of the best ways to learn more about the breed, advertise your kennel, and learn more about the breed is by participating in American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) dog shows.
These shows are held throughout the world all year round. View upcoming ABKC events at At these shows they hold events for the standard American bullies, extreme bullies, as well as XL dogs. It’s also a great way to gain some bragging rights for your kennel if you dog places in these shows.

Advertising your Kennel Online

The days of advertising your litter in the newspaper are long gone. Social media should be the only choice when it comes to advertising your kennel. The best and most effective social media outlets for advertising your kennel:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • Bullypedia
  • ABKC forums (Found on Facebook)
  • Instagram (Make sure to add proper tags to your photos #bully #abkc #pitbulls ext.)
biggest xxl xl pitbulls
XXL or XL pit bulls have become extremely popular as well. Pit Bull puppies from bloodlines like King Lion go for upwards of 10,000 a puppy. It would just be a matter of finding some a kennel that is selling this bloodline for a reasonable price. As we discussed in the previous article (How to become an American Bully Breeder), you shouldn’t have to pay more than 2,500 – 3,500 for a quality foundation puppy. Also, keep in mind, if you are planning on breeding XL style pitbulls, your dog food bills will double. These dog range from 90 – 135 pounds.

How to Produce Consistent Litters That sell using Line Breeding 

When it comes to breeding bullies, the more extreme style dogs tend to sell the best. People want a dog that stands our from the crowd. The best way to reproduce consistent litters that will ensure your dogs look like their ancestors, is by line breeding.

Line breeding is very important to to reproduce puppies that have the same  structure, movement, temperament and genetic inheritance such as bites and hearing, hips, as well as soundness, style, drive and showmanship.

dog supplements muscle building
Blue American Bully Studs as shown above usually sell out litters before they are even born. To avoid any headaches, we recommend that you send a contract to your customers prior to accepting their deposit. The contract should include a Non-Refunable deposit notice, details on the sire and dam of the breeding, as well as any other information you may want to include. Here is a great puppy contract that we would recommend using whenever you accept a deposit for a breeding.

One of the most common and best ways to line breed a dog is by taking a female back to the brother of it’s father (Uncle bred to Niece). Example of how to do a line breeding correctly.

  • Find a dog breeder has a great looking stud dog and also owns the dog’s brother.
  • Purchase a puppy from on of the stud’s litters
  • Immediately purchase frozen semen straws from the stud dog’s brother.
  • You would want to purchase enough straws for at-least two breedings, three would even be better. (This will ensure you will be able to repeat the breeding if the first breeding isn’t successful)
american bully breeding
To keep your dogs healthy, a quality dog food and supplement is highly recommended. Not only will good diet benefit your dog’s health, it will benefit you financially since you will have less visits to the vet. Some breeders choose raw diets, other prefer a holistic dog food. Whatever the case, a good diet isn’t cheap. A quality supplement is also recommended to keep your dog healthy.

When the puppies is old enough to be bred (Usually around 2 years of aga) you will have have a solid line breeding ready to take place (uncle / niece line breeding). It won’t matter if the price of their stud raised, the stud passed away, or any other situation where the stud wouldn’t be able to breed. You already have the frozen straws stored and ready to use.  You are also well on your way to producing a litters that have the potential to outproduce the kennel that you got your dogs from.

You can store frozen semen for 30 years and it will work just as good as it did on day one. Find a reputable veterinarian that preforms surgical artificial inseminations as well as stores frozen semen prior to planning this breeding. Surgical AI’s have a much better chance of taking in comparison to your standard AI.

Your goal in every breeding should be produce the best possible dogs. When you produce consistent litters and amazing bullies, the puppies will sell themselves.


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