Holistic Dog Foods

Holistic dog foods

These days it’s easy to find Holistic Dog Foods that are healthy for your dog. When choosing a dog food it’s important for you to find a dog food that is grain free and loaded with protein for dogs. Some of the best dog foods include canidae dog food, evo dog food, as well as raw dog food diets. Dog supplements like bully max will also benefit your dog’s diet immensely.

There are a number of ingredients in holistic dog foods that make up protein, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. However, the quality and percentages of these ingredients can mean the difference between your dog getting enough nutrition, and being malnourished. When looking for what is in dog food, you want to avoid the following ingredients:

  • Chicken bi-products (The parts of the chicken that should be discarded)
  • Corn Products (Corn products including gluten, corn meal, and grits are cheap fillers that are hard for dogs to digest)
  • Ground Whole Grain Sorghum
  • Meat and Bone Meal (Unhealthy and cheap sources of protein)
  • Meat Based (Usually means that it includes parts of the animal that should also have been discarded)
  • Meat By-products
  • Animal Fat and Tallow
  • Animal Digest
pitbull puppies
“Pitbull puppies”
The pitbull puppies pictured above receive a balanced diet consisting of holistic dog foods, chicken, rice, and bully max dog supplements. Pitbulls require a socialization and training at an early age to prevent dog aggression. When socialized properly they make excellent family dogs.. Source: link:

Unfortunately, when it comes to dog food you get what you pay for. The cheaper grocery store brands tend to be the unhealthiest and worst dog foods to feed your dogs. They usually contain poor sources of protein, corn, grain, and a good bit of fillers that you wouldn’t want to feed your dogs. Some of the key offenders when it came to the list of the ingredients that you should avoid are the following dog foods:

  • Heinz (Kibbles ‘n Bits Beefy Bits)
  • Super G (Chunk Style Dog Food)
  • Old Roy (Puppy Formula, beef flavor)
  • Weis dog food (Total High Energy Chicken and Rice)
  • Pet Gold dog food (Master Diet Puppy Formulation)
  • Old Roy is another food that is usually carried by grocery stores (Puppy Formula, chicken and beef)

Now that we covered the dog foods and ingredients to avoid, here are some things to look for in a quality dog food. The top key ingredients when looking for a dog food is the Fat Percentage and Protein Percentage. This is based on recommended percentages by professionals and veterinarians alike. These percentages vary so depending each individual dog.

The best sources of protein for dogs

Not all proteins in dog foods are created the same. Some are actually better for dogs than others. Each protein source contains levels of amino acids. Each source of protein is different in it’s ability to be broken down into these amino acids. Egg is said to be the best source of protein and is actually the standard on which other sources of protein are rated. Egg has a biological value of 100. Fish meal and milk are also excellent sources of protein rating in at a value of 92. Beef is right around a value of 78 and soybean meal is rated at 67. Bone meal, meat, and wheat have a value of around 50 and corn is right around 45. Parts such as feathers and hair would actually be very high in protein. However they would be at the bottom of the list for their biological value and they wouldn’t do much good since they consist of protein that dogs wouldn’t be able to break down and use.

Fat and Protein chart for dogs

Stage of the dog’s growth Veterinarian Recommended Protein % Veterinarian Recommended Fat %
Puppy (The puppy stage usually lasts until they are 2 years of age) 28% 17%
Adult Dog (Anytime after 2 years of age) 18% 9-15%
Performance Dog (Such as an obedience training, dock jumping, schutzhund, Training A Protection Dog, A.B.K.C. show dogs (American Bully Kennel Club), ext) 25% 20%
High Performance Dog (Such as a sled dog, or perhaps a weight pulling dog) 35% 50%
Pregnant and nursing females (This diet may want to be started early since pregnant and nursing females tend to loose weight fast once the pups are born. 28% 17%

Choosing the Right Holistic Dog Foods for your dogs

holistic dog foods
Holistic dog foods along with the right dog supplements are the healthiest diet you can give your dog. Excellent for building muscle, healthy coats, and proper growth.

In most cases, too much protein isn’t harmful for dogs. If your dog overeats protein some will be digested through the urine and test will be used as calories or even converted into fat. This will cause your dog no harm. However, if you dog as kidney issues, high protein diets will make their kidneys work harder. Therefore it wouldn’t be recommended for dogs with kidney problems. Most pet food companies actually exceed the recommended minimum requirement for protein to ensure they get enough.

One of the best sources of fat for dogs would be fish oil. Fish oil in loaded with omega fatty acids and is a healthy source of fat.

Some of the best dog foods on the market contain the right percentages of fat and protein and are also grain free holistic dog foods. Holistic dog foods are considered human grade holistic dog foods and are usually the best holistic dog foods for your dogs. When looking for what is in dog food, the holistic dog foods have the highest quality ingredients, correct percentages of fat and protein, and do not contain grain, corn, or fillers.

Some of the best holistic dog foods on the market are the following (All of these dog foods received 5 star ratings from expert dog food analyzers):

  • Bully Max High Performance (535 Calories Per Cup)
  • Merricks before grain chicken and rice
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness
  • GO! Fit and Free
  • Timber Wolf Wild and Natural dog food
  • Solid Gold Barking at the Moon dog Food
  • Dog swell Nutrisca Dog Food
  • Annamaet Grain Free dog food
  • EVO DOG FOOD Weight Management Formula (adult dogs only)
  • Canidae Grain Free Pure Elements Holistic dog foods
  • EVO Red Meat Formula dog food
  • EVO Herring and Salmon Formula (adult dogs only)
  • EVO Red Meat Formula Small Bites
  • EVO Turkey and Chicken Meal Senior
  • Canidae Grain Free Pure Sky dog food
  • EVO Turkey and Chicken Formula Small Bites
  • Canidae Grain Free Pure Land
  • EVO Turkey and Chicken Formula
  • Canidae Grain Free Pure Sea Holistic dog foods
blue pit bull puppies
Blue Nose Pit Bull Puppies require a high quality food diet consisting of a grain free dog food, Bully Max dog supplements, and raw dog food diets.

All of these Holistic dog foods listed received excellent reviews and would be the best dog food choice for your dog. There are also a number of other quality brands on the market. However, make sure you do your research on what is in dog food before purchasing it. Also make sure you check for the ingredients to avoid, as well as make sure they protein and fat percentages are correct for your dog as well (Based on their age and exercise level).

Now that you find out how to choosing the right dog food, choose a quality dog supplement that is veterinarian recommended, designed, and approved.

Bully Max dog supplements contain a number of ingredients that are beneficial for your dog’s health, growth, muscle, and immune system. When dog foods are processed they lose a number of key ingredients. Bully Max contains these ingredients as well as a number of other ingredients that are beneficial for your dog. Bully Max is excellent for dogs that participate in weight pulling, sledding, dock jumping, show dog competitions, as well as house pets. Bully Max will not have your dog looking their best, but feeling their best as well. Order Bully Max online for fast and secure service.

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