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Health concerns of American Boxer Dog

As per the statistical report of American Kennel Club published in 2011, Boxers are the seventh most popular breed of dog in the United States. Health care continues to be an essential part of breeding Boxers and it is necessary that Boxer owners acquaint themselves of the common health complications of American Boxers. link:

Some of the major illnesses Boxers are susceptible to are – cancer, heart ailments, Boxer cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, gastric dilatation and intestinal disorders. Few of the less common health problems are boxer colitis and corneal ulcers, familiarly known as boxer eye ulcers.

According to study reports, cancer accounts for 38.5% of Boxer deaths. Cardiac problems constitute 6.9% and gastrointestinal ailments6.9%. The rest of boxer deaths are due to natural aging.

Lifespan of the American Boxer Dog

The average lifespan of American Boxers is around 10 years. The relieving information is most reputed breeders use available tests to pre-screen their breeding stock for these ailments so as to minimize the occurrence of these diseases in future boxer generations.

Bulk of the diseases that Boxers are prone to, can be avoided if owners take necessary precautionary measures. Boxers are an athletic breed and with regular exercises, healthy diet and proper conditioning, Boxers can be made to lead long healthy lives.

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The American Boxer shown above is a perfect example of the breed standard

However, you must ensure Boxer puppies are not subjected to over-exercising as this may damage underdeveloped bones. But once painstakingly groomed, Boxer puppies can grow into mature adult dogs that can be trained as excellent jogging or running companions. There are instances when Boxer dogs have successfully become race dogs and noteworthy athletes.

But you must remember that Boxers experience discomfort if there is oppressive heat or acute humidity. You must take care not to expose Boxers to hostile climatic conditions.

The unfortunate aspect is most Boxers suffer from genetic disorders and most of these genetic disorders are inherited. These genetic diseases can adversely affect the quality of a Boxer’s life and curtail its longevity. But these genetic disorders can be vastly minimized through sound breeding practices.  Some of the more prominent genetically inheritable diseases of Boxers are:

Aortic Stenosis – This is a sort of heart defects that makes heart to work harder to supply blood.

Cardiomyopathy – This causes the heart to beat erratically leading to physical weakness, frequent collapse or even sudden death.

Hip dysplasia – an innate malformation of the hip joint leading to osteoarthritis. Hip dysplasia is a condition that keeps deteriorating with passage of time.

Hypothyroidism – points to an inactive thyroid gland that can result in epilepsy, hair loss, obesity, and skin ailments.

Corneal dystrophy – This is an inherited abnormality that impairs the layers of the cornea. Both eyes are usually affected.

Cancer – Boxers are highly susceptible to the development of mast cell tumors, lymphoma and brain tumors. Boxers must be protected from the sun as they are prone to develop skin cancer.

There is no denying that Boxer is one of most popular dogs in America – particularly because they spread a lot of cheer and turn out to be amiable  and steadfastly faithful companions. They effortlessly bond with their owners and other family members.

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