Happy 4th of July From Bully Max

ww2 apbt poster Bully Max Wishes You A Happy Independence Day!

With the on set of one of the greatest things to ever happen in the history of the world, (The Freedom of America), Bully Max would like to take a moment and not only wish you a happy 4th of July, but thank each and every one of our customers.

Trust me when I say this, if we could drive around and personally thank each and every one of you we would. But, we are hard at work each and every day making Bully Max the best it can be for you, our loyal customers.

Why Our Customers Are The Best In The World

What team Bully Max really enjoys, is knowing each and every one of you care about your dog.  The products you buy from us are designed to help keep your K9 healthy.  They not only help build muscle, but they can have a host of health benefits also.  And when you buy our products we know you really care about your dogs health.  And, that to use means a lot.

Some of the testimonials you have sent in, have been really incredible and we really enjoy reading them. Each and every testimonial that comes in, is looked over by someone on the team.  And every time this makes us really proud.

I remember visiting a customer just the other week and he told me how his older German Shepard was now moving around and he had a spring in his step like he was a new puppy.  It was awesome to see this as you can imagine.  I remember visiting earlier in the year and the dog did look to be not doing so well.

In short, Bully Max changed this German Shepard’s life for the better.  The owner Joe and his wife were ecstatic with the changes and you can tell they felt really good their dog was doing better.

So, it’s your caring and compassion that really drives us to make great products that help take care of your dogs.

Our hats are off to you, our customers and we want to thank you for buying from and putting your trust in us.  We really strive hard every day to give you some of the best supplements in the world.  And to us, it’s a job which is never finished.  To team Bully Max, it is a high responsibility creating products that help all K9’s be their best. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Customers Drive Our Business

There is one thing we know. With out our customers, Bully Max wouldn’t exist.  This is why we take great care and realize how much you mean to us.  And we want to hear from you if you are ever dissatisfied with anything about our business.  We are constantly trying to improve our business, products and the way we do things.  So, we want to hear any feedback you may have.  No one can ever keep every single person happy but I can tell you we sure try our best at it.

Bully Max is a company who cares about our customers and the dogs we serve and every team member takes this seriously.  We truly hope it shows in the way we do business.

With all that said, we again, want to thank you for being our customer and enjoying our products.

Please have a happy and safe fourth of July and enjoy your Freedom.

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