Grain Free Dog Food for your Pit Bulls

Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food

grain free dog food
Bully max dog food along with, the proper diet and exercise, your Pit Bulls muscle, definition, and structure will have a ripped appearance like an athlete. A quality grain free dog food along with Bully Max Supplements works wonders for your dogs muscle, size, and health.

There are many benefits in grain free food which are taken by the dogs. There are many health benefits that are associated with grain free dog food.

Most of the dogs that consume a grain free dog food because they have a lower chance of developing a food-based allergic reaction.

Many of the common allergies that are caused in commercial dog food are due to grains, such as wheat etc.

This type of foods also proves that it promote healthy digestion, since a dog’s digestive system doesn’t have to work so hard to digest the ingredients of the food.

Dogs in the wild mostly don’t eat a lot of carbohydrates because they don’t need it; this also goes true for domestic dogs.

Some pet dogs need at least a minimum amount of carbohydrates in order to be conscious in their healthy.

There are more other benefits which include more energy, healthy coat, clear eyes, good muscle development and a better temperament for the dogs.

The wild dogs do not eat a lot of carbohydrates.

Most probably their diet consists of proteins; they also eat plant matter, but their foods mostly are animals that eat plant matter.

This plays an important role in their part diet but this can be obtained in other ways also. But this shouldn’t be definitely to the staple healthy dog diet, on a condition that you feed a popular commercial brand.

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To take into consideration that, dogs can’t very sufficiently digest corn or wheat, which often forms the staple of cheap commercial dog food. Which in turn gives sugar in the dog’s blood, for a clear view of understanding we can just take an example of us, human beings eating fast food for every meal.

We also know that many dogs have grain allergies. If taking this into consideration, pet dogs grown by us also will have dog frequent ear infections and often lick themselves, especially the tops of their paws. Therefore such dogs benefit more from a grain free diet because these diets remove the allergens that are causing them illness.

Grain free diets can still provide carbohydrates to the dog’s diet through fruits and vegetables.

Grain Free Dog Food:

Grain free dog foods have been rapidly increasing in their popularity. Therefore most of the owners who own a pet dog are attributing healthy benefits for feeding their dog’s grain free food. Although still few people believe that dogs need gains for their healthy being.

But when consulting with the experts this not a case to be under taken, since some dogs thrive when they are fed a completely grain free dog food.

Why Grain Free dog food? Now lets ask an question to ourselves, that is most of the dogs in the wild do not consume a large amount of carbohydrates in their food, in fact most of the carbohydrates that a wild dog receives are by taking the nutritional contents that is taken by their preys that is their preys are mostly herbivorous.

The grain free dog food is designed mostly to avoid the regular food diet to the dogs as how we humans follow up. Even though dogs are not obligate carnivores like cats, they still consume foods that are rich in proteins in the wild.

This acts as an alternate source for carbohydrates. Another way to feed your dog without using grain is by having them on a Raw Diet. A raw dog food diet can be beneficial to your dog’s health as well.

Pit Bull Food
Grain Free Dog Foods like Merrick’s before grain chicken and rice along with Bully Max Dog Supplements are extremely beneficial to your dog’s health. Whether you have an American Bully show dog,weight pulling dog, or even a house dog that you want looking and feeling their best, this is the perfect diet for your dog.

Grain Free Dog Food Doesn’t Mean Carbohydrate Free:
Some dogs requires a low carbohydrates in their diet so we must give a keen glance in the ingredients of grain free food.

Since not all the grain foods are of low carbohydrates, because some of the products have an alternate sources of carbohydrates, but this is often needed foe some dogs for maintaining their shape. Since carbohydrates contains grain free, such as potato, sweet potato, rice or other ingredients.

Drawbacks of Grain Free Dog Food: The main drawback of buying this food product is its cost.

There are many companies use grains as cheaper ingredients, so they are able to sell these products for cheaper rates. But grain free dog food doesn’t contain these grain fillers, therefore they tend to have good quality of ingredients.

Due this only this only these products are sealed at higher rates. When taking into considerations cost is the main drawback of this food product

When considering the results about this food product it has given many good results to the dog owners. They indicate that due this food product many problems such as skin allergy and other skin problems are cured by this food product.

But this product won’t work out for all the dogs. The very main and important drawback is its cost since grains are much cheaper than protein sources, foods without grains cost too much. But purchase of a dog is much cheaper than marinating and giving food for them.

Grain free diets also tend to have high proteins, which also increases the fat content in the food for dogs. This food product goes good for dogs who are exercising most of the time, but the other draw back is those pet dogs may put up weight.

But when feeding dogs the dogs grain free foods we must be sure that we cut the amount of food we feed so that those dogs gets fewer calories.
Dogs with certain health problems may need a diet lower in protein and higher in fiber. Therefore in this case, going grain free may not be the right choice.

The people at the store say that prices are high even then it’s a good option for dogs because they love such type of foods. But this is possible the dogs need to eat more to be full or gain energy since the product is mostly grain and rice.

Most of the people had never given any real thought to what dog food was made of; since they considered that every brand was rich in protein and contained meat. But dogs eat the inexpensive food as they were ravenous, and therefore the amount of food that normally last for three weeks was gone over in about two weeks.

Some dog food owners even prefer to Make your own Dog Food by using homemade ingredients.

The benefit of grain free pet food really depends on the dog. Grain free dog food provides lots of energy and nutrition for the dogs, but for the house dog, or an older dog, or one with limited mobility, grain free dog food might cause the dog to gain weight.

Grain free food is recommended for active dogs that need to draw on that excess energy. Mostly the veterinarian suggests that what type of food to be given to the dogs of different types. But this food product is really worth for dogs which under goes exercises.

We can also suggest another reason for some dogs which may need grain free food, if they suffer from grain intolerance. This may often result in bloating, vomiting and other forms of stomach distress for such dogs.

Bullymax’s grain free dog food contains no grain, and includes meat, vegetable and fruit proteins to be easy to digest for the dogs. Grain free food that is rich in real meat products and protein will improve the skin and coat of the dogs while providing energy and well balanced nutrition with vitamins and minerals for the dog’s growth.

Grain free dog food is also mostly recommended for pregnant dogs and lactating dogs, to provide the energy the dam needs to produce healthy puppies and provide them with nutrients as well.

If we’ve looked into grain free dog food and have consulted with the veterinarian that it would be a good choice for the dog, it’s also important that we have to follow some basic guidelines to transition the dogs to this type of food.

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Choosing Right Dog Supplements for your Canines

When choosing the right dog supplements, you want to look for a quality product with positive dog supplement reviews. Products like Bully Max work wonders for your dog’s health, muscle, and size. It also an excellent product to help your dog’s reach their fullest potential is growth.

A dog’s sensitive digestive tract requires gradual changes in diet that allows their system to acclimate to the changes. The easiest way to introduce a new diet to the dog is to begin adding the new food to the dog’s old food over the course of a week. For the first two days, add 25% of the new food to the old food. For the third and fourth days serve your dog a 50/50 mixture. Continue on the fifth and sixth days by serving 75% of the new food and only 25% of the old. On day seven we can feed the dogs with the new food itself. If any stomach upset or reactions from the dogs are noticed, they stick up with the mixed products for a few more days to allow it to acclimate.

The CANIDAE line includes four holistic Grain Free pure formulas for dogs, and two for cats.

Grain free pet food is an excellent choice for many dogs and cats, but it’s not necessarily perfect for every pet. It is up to a responsible pet owner to consult with the veterinarian concerning the animal’s individual needs.

Switching Foods:- Most of the dogs have bacteria in their stomach that attack foreign elements, so a sudden food change may cause stomach aches or diarrhea. To make the switch as smooth as possible on the dog’s digestive system, switch slowly. The first week, feed 3/4 old food and 1/4 new. During the second week, feed half and half. For the third week, feed 3/4 new and 1/4 old before finally switching completely to the new food on the fourth week.

Before deciding to go grain free, read food labels to make sure that the dog is still getting all the nutrients that it needs. A good rule of thumb is that a good diet is a diet in which your dog flourishes.

Conclusion: Thus grain free food are good for dogs but not for pet dog rather its good for daily practicing dogs or out door dogs. More over this food product is very costly.

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