Grace Elliot Writer Profile

Veterinary writer and author

Grace Elliot is a well respected veterinarian in the pet community. She is constantly learning and building her knowledge on a daily basis by working at an companion animal practice near London England. Grace writes for the Veterinary Times, and is the author of a book on feline historical trivia, “Cat Pies”. 

Along with being well respected in the Veterinarian world, she is also a well respected writer. Grace’s articles have been published in magazines such as “Your Cat”, and The Journal of Veterinary History. Her interests include veterinary medicine, The history and heritage of London, and all things historical. We are glad to have this well respected writer featured on our American Bully Blog at Bully Max®. 

Certifications: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Country: Great Britain

Education: Doctoral or Professional Degree

Areas of Study: Healthcare Science

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