Gottiline Pittbull Bloodline a American Bully Family Pet

gottiline-pit-bullGottiline Pitbull Bloodline

The Gottiline pitbull bloodline refers to a blood line of the pit bull breed of dogs. It would be no exaggeration to say that they are one of the most popular bloodlines among American bullies. They are a fairly new breed of dogs and came into being only in the late 1990’s when breeder Richard Barajas of West Side Kennels brought a dog named “The notorious Juan Gotty”. This was an exceptional dog indeed and is credited with the foundation of many American bullies.

Gottiline pitbulls can easily be distinguished from other pitbulls. They are usually rather bulky and look like a powerhouse. What sets these Gottiline pitbulls apart is a brick like head. The jaw line of this dog is unusually broad to house strong and powerful jaws. This breed of dog has a well defined neck that blends into a thick chest. Though they look stocky and bulky, these dogs are indeed very strong and agile.

Because they do not look like the usual loveable family mutt, the relationship with humans and pitbulls has been atypical. There have been times when people have owned this dog for the wrong reasons, because it can be an aggressive and ferocious animal. Because of the natural intimidating look, gottiline dogs may freighten people at first. However, these dogs are have very friendly temperaments with both dogs and people alike.

Reach your American Bully’sĀ full potential:

So do these Gottiline American Bullies make good family pets? Yes they undoubtedly do, especially if you are getting a really young puppy into your home, you can be sure that it will just blend in. They grow up to be loyal and faithful companion with exceptional strength. If you are opting for a rescued dog that is slightly older, just ensure that you have gotten it from a certified animal rescue shelter with all the required paperwork.

Look for a proper American Bully (ABKC) Breeder

If you are really set on owning this line of dog, it’s recommended to go striat to the source of this bloodline. Roja Toma at West coast gottiline is a breeder of 100% pure bred gottiline dogs. You may also want to visit Ed Shepherd at Dax Line american bullies at: Ed Shepherd is one of the original breeders of this line of dogs and breeds some of the finest gottiline pit bulls in the nation. Remember that there is no reason to be scared of this dog, because at the end of the day it is still a pitbull.

However the important point to note about the Gottiline American Bully, is that the purity of the pitbull bloodline has been diluted with this one, so you must choose the breeder carefully. The temperament of the dog you will own will have much to do with the lineage it comes from, so make sure you choose a breeder who can give you all the details about the lineage of the dog, you will take home.

Gottine pitbulls are bred to the American Bully Kennel Club Standards link: They are considered more of an extreme bully pit bull and maintain the look of short and stocky brick house while still maintaining their athletic ability. Gottiline dogs are excell at weight pulling event due to their low center of gravity, short muscular frame, and sheer determination to please their owners.

american_bully_abkc“Gottiline Pitbull”

The dog shown above is a great breed example of the American Bully. The first thing that stands out on American Bullies is their large blocky shaped head. This line of dogs is much more extreme than it’s ancestors from 100 years ago. The original pitbulls didn’t carry as much mass, muscle, or size. However, their family oriented temperament remains the same. link:
Importance of obedience training in dogs

It is however important to conduct proper training of your Gottiline pitbull before you expect any such successes from him. American Bullies are no more aggressive than any other breed of dog, however it is important that you start obedience training of your pitbull as soon as you bring it into your house to avoid any issues of owning a dog with an unstable temperament.

Beginning with obedience training is a must with a “Gottiline puppy”. This is what establishes the channel of communication between you and your puppy, and he should clearly know who is the boss. You have to maintain a calm and confident exterior and should be able to give him simple commands such as “sit” “stay” or “off”. These simple things have to be dinted into the puppy at an early stage. If it crosses the line, you have to simply chide it. Do not be cruel, but establish that it has to be in line. Obedience training is the only way of establishing an order of hierarchy. When a dog comes to live with a family, it becomes his “pack” and as the dog owner you have to establish your command as the leader of the pack.

It is fair to say that without proper training any breed dogs has the potential to become aggressive. That may be true even of the most popular family dogs such as poodles or golden retrievers. Without training they will be messy, bark excessively, dig holes in your lawn and may even bite you if they feel threatened. None of this will happen if the obedience training of your dog begins early.

Obedience training should not be looked upon as a task. It should be an enjoyable process for both you and your dog. After all the purpose of obedience training is to establish a good and fulfilling relationship between both you and your dog. A well trained dog can indeed be a delight around the house. While you can decide to train your gottiline puppy at home, if you have prior experience in dog training, enrolling with a local dog training class for the first few weeks may be helpful. Thereon, you can continue the training at home.

American Bully | How to build muscle in pit bulls

Alongside training that will mostly be done one on one with your dog, you have to ensure that your dog socialises as well. Take you gottiline puppy for walks around your blocks to ensure that it behaves well with other people around it. Taking a your dog to dog parks can also be very helpful.

“Dog Supplements”

A Gottiline Pitbull has strong muscles and immense girth that has to be sustained. There are several good dog supplements available in the markets that are ideal for pitbulls. These muscle building supplements for dogs not only take care of the good muscle build of your dog, they also take care of its vitamin needs and keeps its immunity strong.

If you see that they are misbehaving with other breeds of dogs, you have to put an end to it immediately. Tug at their collar and say a firm “no” when you see that their behaviour is undesirable. Do not ever make the mistake of turning away or petting your dog if they become aggressive. This will fan his aggression even further, and may become difficult to control eventually.

Food and supplements for pitbulls

pit bull supplements
A Gottiline Pitbull has strong muscles and immense girth that has to be sustained. There are several good dog supplements available in the markets that are ideal for pitbulls. These muscle building supplements for dogs not only take care of the good muscle build of your dog, they also take care of its vitamin needs and keeps its immunity strong.

The other important thing to take care of in your dog is the food and supplement intake. Your puppy needs his fill of protein and vitamins. A pitbull should usually be fed a high protein raw diet. Chicken quarters are great for such dogs. They are full of the necessary protein and come very cheap. However make sure you consult a vet before you decide what you will feed your dog and in what portions. Also work out a schedule for him and feed him accordingly. It is also important to give a good muscle building supplement for a dogs.

As with any dog supplement, you want to find a product that also covers all of the essential vitamins. Bully Max contains a number of key nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that benefit your dog’s muscle, coat, health, and immune system.

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