Gottiline Pit Bull Stud Pictures featuring blue American Bullies

 Gottiline Pit Bull Stud Dogs

The Gottiline Pit Bull Stud is one of the most extreme dogs you will find within the American Bully Community. They are know for extremely exaggerated features, short and wide bodies, and large blocky heads. Some of the most popular breeders of this bloodline are West Coast Gottiline (Home of famous studs such as Platinum and Big Money), as well as Daxline Kennels (Home of Dax and the original famous bully 21Blackjack).

Gottiline Pit Bull Stud

Gottiline Pit Bull Stud Lil Sitch is a direct son of world famous American Bully Dax from Daxline Kennels (Formerly known as gottyline kennels in CA)

The best recommended nutrition for this breed is a high protein diet consisting of the the right dog supplements and a quality grain free dog food. Some of the top recommended foods are Evo, Merrick’s Before Grain Chicken and Rice, Taste of the wild, and Ennova to name a few. All of these are grain free dog foods and considered holistic (Human grade dog foods)

Blue Pitbull Picture

Blue Pitbull Pictured is an extreme blue nose bully known as Situation.