German Shepherd Rescue Dogs – A great protection and guard dog

German Shepherd Rescue Dogs – A great protection and guard dog

german shepherd protection training
German Shepherd Rescue Dogs should go through an evaluation prior to any protection work. This is due to the fact that they may not be suitable since their upbringing is unknown. The German Shepherd is a highly trainable dog. For this reason, they adapt to new homes easily. This makes adopting a German shepherd rescue dog easier than some breeds. The German Shepherd is considered one of the “Top Guard Dogs“. Some of the reasons for this, is the fact that they are highly trainable, intelligent, and athletic. For these reasons, they are one of the top choices for police dogs. Police dogs are used for a number of tasks which include protection dogs, search and rescue, as well as tracking illegal contraband.

When finding a new companion for your home, German Shepherd Rescue dogs are an excellent choice for dog owners. As much as this is true that dogs make some excellent pets and are nearly loved by all, there are several cases in which dogs are left on street without a family to die. Usually this occurs in the case when dogs are prone to severe illness or health issues. It is on this account that they are left or it is definite to say abandoned.

However, it may not be the only reason. Some families are least concern when it comes to taking care of the dog. For example, caged in a wire crate and had never been let out. Whatever the case may be they are neglected on many occasions and have been mistreated, abused and abandoned. They are placed into foster homes, where their foster families will continue to care for them until a permanent home is found.

This applies to all the dogs including German shepherd on which this whole article is related to.

Myths while adopting German Shepherd Rescue Dog:

There are several misconceptions when it comes while adopting German shepherd rescue dogs:

If the family consists of small children they opt for puppies. A sweet, small puppy just seems like the best choice for sweet, small children. Of course, puppies and small children do successfully cohabit. But research shows that your child will go through far less Neosporin and Band-Aids with a calmer 2 + year old dog that is road-tested with children.

When you for an adoption of an older dog, you never know what you are getting. It seems to make sense, except the exact opposite is true. It’s not until a dog hits sexual maturity that some innate behavioral problems start to surface. The truth is this: when you list a 4 month old puppy, you can only guess what kind of adult it will make. When you list an 18 month old dog, you can predict pretty accurately what kind of dog you’ll have forever.

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The training of dogs gives the confidence that they will stay in the yard without the fence. Many people believe right up until the moment the dog is hit by a car or is stolen. Rescue dogs are typically either strays (which means they have a history of wandering) or owner-surrenders.

When you are growing up, you feel like you had the perfect GSD. But the truth is that you don’t have to clean up after him. Since the day you become an adult, you never had a perfect German Shepherd–but every single one of them was perfect for you!

Since white German Shepherds are rare so they thought to be mutants. People who don’t like white shepherds are often the same people who have never spent any time around them. Many die-hard black have had their minds changed by the fabulous whites that have come through rescue German Shepherd.

The older dog won’t bond with you as compared to the younger ones. But the truth is that the rescue dog will cling with you always. GSD’s are particularly sensitive about the connections with their people so once they have the attention they so desperately crave and need, they do whatever they can to ensure them never, ever lose it.

German Shepherd Rescue Dogs
The German Shepherd Dog excels in a number of sports. Participating in a dog sport is an excellent way to bond with your newly adopted rescue as well as keep them in great shape. Check out the top 10 dog sports to see what kind of sports will suit you and your new dog.
  • Some, through no fault of their own, find themselves without a home. An owner dies or moves somewhere and they feel they can’t keep the dog or the dog is considered not suitable to the new home.
  • When at an early age what the puppy seemed to be cute turns out to be an impulsive dog. Without any proper training the dog is allowed to continue with its temperamental problems becomes a serious problem.
  • Many times it’s just not the right breed of dog for that particular family.
  • Due to lack of grooming, fleas, ear infections and skin problems are common. Hence they are left on streets astray.

The Adoption Process when finding German shepherd rescue dogs:

Breed or rescue adoption programs, also known as re-homing, are very detailed and complete. This attention to detail ensures that the re-homed dogs will match in as many ways as possible with the adopting family, to prevent any other moves or revocations in the dog’s life. With GSD’s that are very difficult to re-home, or dogs that are showing very challenging behaviors, only homes with experienced dog owners may be considered as acceptable.

Typically, the adoption or re-homing process starts with an application process. This application may be completed online, or by mail with most breed rescues.

The application may include very specific questions to clear out certain ideas and doubts such as:

    • The size of your house or living area.
    • The size of your yard or exercise area.
    • Type of fence or enclosure that you have for the dog.
    • Number of people in the family.
    • The number of children in the household and their ages.
    • The number of other dogs or other pets in the family.
    • Family and household schedules.
    • Past experience with dogs and dog training.

In addition, the adoption center or rescue may also ask for pictures of the house and yard, as well as information they may feel is relevant to the care and training of the dog. There will also be a commitment to routine vet treatments, communicating with the rescue as to the match with the dog and the family as well as perhaps a personal visit to your residence for an interview before the dog is adopted out to see whether the living conditions are in the best interest of the dogs. They must not feel lonely again in that environment.

This process is designed to ensure that the new owners have a commitment to the dog. Owners may have to wait for the right dog to be rescued, but once the rescue or shelter has the dog that is a match for the family, it is a very rewarding experience.

Advantages of adopting Rescue dogs:

One of the biggest benefits to adopting a dog from a rescue is that the dog will usually be at least somewhat trained before he or she arrives at the new family. Many rescue dogs will be fully trained, and some will also be fully housebroken. However, some dogs are taken to the rescues because they have developed poor habits, or are rather rambunctious or difficult to deal with. Typically a loving foster home that understands the breed will quickly be able to start the dog on a fast track training program, using positive training methods.

Rescue dogs will usually always be adopted as spayed or neutered dogs, even if they are purebreds. This is to protect the dogs, as well as to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The cost of the adoption donation or contribution to the rescue is used to offset the cost of fostering the dogs, as well as the spaying and neutering procedure. Spayed and neutered dogs will be more relaxed and calm, and will have far less hormonally driven behaviors than the intact dogs of the same breed.

Rescue GSD’s are not only great with your family members but also they don’t require the special extra attention which the little puppies crave.

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