Fun Facts About Puppy

Are you a dog lover? Then you definitely spend most of your time around puppies and dogs. You would then also love to learn some more stories about your lovable pooch! You do not have to check the level of your knowledge below is some fun puppy facts that you definitely do not know. After knowing this you will be surprised about your little dog that is also known as a man’s best friend. Below are fun facts about puppies:

Amazingly, out of the five senses gifted by god, the first sense that a puppy develops is the sense of touch.
The puppies are born deaf, blind, toothless and also very weak. In their first week you will find them sleeping most of the time and they will only get-up to eat. You will only find these cute little babies walking after three weeks.
The population of puppies is really high as stated by the American data. They have now reached the quantity of 5 millions in United States of America.
You will find these cute babies not do anything else but eating and sleeping. These pooches sleep 90% of times and eat for the 10% time of the day.
All the puppies grow during while they are sleeping. All the puppies want 14-16 hours of sleep each day during their growing up years. As stated earlier these puppies grow during their sleep the new pet owners should never disturb the sleeping pattern of their babies. Otherwise this will lead to uneven growth.
A puppy is born toothless. The first set of teeth in a puppy usually gets developed after they are four weeks old. But these teeth do not last long as after gaining the age of four months, your puppy will soon lose his baby teeth and achieve his adult teeth. The only drawback is that they will begin to chew each and everything that they find at home. Puppies will chew and bite a lot when they are in the teething period. The adult teeth will come during 4 to 8 months of the puppy. you can save all the stuff by giving your pooch chew-able toys.
Is your puppy biting or nipping during the playtime. You can effectively say ‘ouch’ loudly and train them out of the particular habit. The ‘ouch’ just sounds like the way they yelp when these puppies are hurt.
Puppies do not have a sense of smell when they are born. Well this is a surprising fact because a sense of smell is really vital in an adult dog. This is the most utilized sense among them. The scent glands start developing when your puppy reaches three weeks of age.
In his first week, the puppy is only able to crawl. He gets his sight after attaining the age of 2 to 3 weeks. He attains his sexual maturity after reaching 8 months of age and he is considered an adult when he reaches his first year. A puppy loves to chase his own tail when he is all alone!  

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