French Bulldog Puppy Pictures and Information

The popularity of the french bulldog is on the rise. It is currently the second most popular dog breed on the rise, trailing the American Bully.

The French bulldogs are comical and fun-loving and appear most comfortable in the company of humans. They neither require nor are they fond of physical exercises. Of course, they need daily walks preferably inside your own homes. The fact is French Bulldogs resent outdoor activities. This is presumably because they are bulky and their heavy respiratory system makes it not possible for them to reconcile to outside temperature.

Enthusiastic, hilarious and lively but they are not outgoing. French bulldogs are passionate about rolling on the carpet and snuggling on the sofa. It craves for love from your family members and feels annoyed if left alone for too long, or ignored.

Otherwise, French Bulldogs are patient and affectionate and very pleasant companions. They seldom bark and if they do, it’s often to draw your attention or to indicate that he needs food or merely to register its unhappiness. French Bulldogs are friendly not only with humans but can also easily live with other breeds of dogs.

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Health of the dog breed

As a result of their peculiar body structure, the French bulldog find outside temperature hostile. While certain breeds of dogs may feel uncomfortable to an extent due to heat, to a French bulldog finds the heat lethal. It is therefore essential that you protect the French bulldog from outside temperature at all times, and frequently provide them with fresh water and shelter from the Sun.
You can not take French bulldogs on air journeys. They are banned by several commercial airlines due to the number of deaths whilst they are air-bone.  French bulldogs endowed with snub noses find it hard to breathe when inside the hot and humid cargo space in an aircraft when waiting on the runway. French bulldogs are susceptible to an assortment of back problems and spinal diseases. Medical research says that these are probably because they were selectively picked from the dwarf examples of the bulldog breed.

Training a French Bulldog

The French bulldogs are quite receptive to instructions and can be easily trained. But it is preferable to train them at an early age before they grow into stubborn adults. They can be boisterous, comical and disobedient but strangely know exactly how to stare at you when you go off the track when training. But once trained properly, they will cheerfully act as per your commands. The bulldog is very social, amiable and people-oriented, but expects to be involved in what’s happening around him. It is an inefficient watchdog because it is far too easygoing and avoids barking. It is wise not to train him to become a watchdog.
Training French bulldogs is an art. When they sense that the trainer is timid or passive towards them they can suddenly become very stubborn. They can be trained only if the trainer is calm, firm, consistent and patient. Do not overly woo or tolerate them if they are displaying any undesirable behavior. Try to instantly correct them calmly but assertively.

Other salient facts

Most French bulldogs are 12 inches (30cm) in height and belong to different categories of weight classes – 19-22 (9-10kg.) pounds and 22-28 pounds (10-13kg.). French bulldogs weighing more than 28 pounds is considered a disqualification.
An obese French bulldog may have trouble breathing, because of a swollen abdomen. You must ensure you do not needlessly over-feed obese dogs. Putting them under anesthesia is risky because of their breathing issues.

The average life expectancy of French bulldog is 10-12 years and though seemingly slothful, their energy levels are quite high.  They need very little grooming. They may be groomed using a rubber-grooming mitt, which will remove loose as well as dead hair. The wrinkles on the face should be checked and gently brushed to keep clean. French bulldog is an average shedder.
Please be aware that French bulldogs cost a lot to maintain and potential owners must be prepared for high vet bills may be high. Bear this in mind before buying a French bulldog puppy.

French Bulldog running and playing
French Bulldog running and playing. This breed may be small, but they are big on energy!

How to purchase a French Bulldog

If you are planning to buy from a French bulldog breeder, there are quite a few things you need to know.  Please know there are enough scams and shady people are around waiting to defraud innocent or less informed buyers. Buy French bulldogs that have been health screened.

Find out the name of the kennel or bulldog breeders names and try to Google the name of the kennel/breeder followed by the words COMPLAINTS or FRAUD. You will be amazed at the lorry load of information you will get. Make it a point to do adequate research on the breed before purchasing the puppy.

Be guarded against those attempting to sell French bulldogs claiming rare colors. Please know that color is of no consequence when it comes to a French bulldog. In fact, many rare colors can be considered as disqualification – particularly colors like Mouse (Blue), Liver (Chocolate) etc.  Most French bulldogs of pale colors may be suffering from chronic skin disorders or skin allergies.  There is also nothing wonderful about rare eye color. In fact, blue eyes are genetic defect and something to be avoided.

Do not pay more than the market norms.  If you are paying more for a puppy you better make sure you get a lifetime warranty and that both parents are top ten AKC Champions and health screened and the like. Be cautious when dealing with breeders or kennels that do not offer health guarantee against hereditary defects.
Finally, make sure the breeder is willing to take their dogs back if you have a problem that you cannot keep the dog. An ethical breeder of any dog, of any breed, should take responsibility for their dogs for life.

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Once The French bulldog becomes familiar with you, it will adore you. You would never have heard of a French bulldog owner ever complain that his pet is unfaithful or disloyal. French Bulldogs are simply excellent to own. But keeping them entails high maintenance costs as they have large requirements. This dog needs high-quality food all the time.

The French bulldog is intelligent and has its own logic and reasoning, almost like humans. Believe it or not – French bulldogs will train you to speak their language even while you are teaching them new words. Over time, you will clearly comprehend their different types of barks, loud yawns, snorts, chortles and nose pointing.

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