Food habits of Labrador dog


People who know about various dog breeds will be aware that Labradors are gluttonous and fond of over-eating. It is therefore essential that their owners consistently provide them with a balanced and fulfilling diet with plenty of calcium particularly during their growing years. Diet for your Labrador is a very important psart for its rearing and nutrition is vital place for Labrador breed of dogs.

It is recommended that you purchase some high quality dog food for your Labrador available in most pet food stores. You must scrupulously avoid cheap dog foods that can cause digestive problems and also lead to malnutrition.

If you plan to personally make food for your Labrador, then remember that the food should contain 30% meat and 60% cereals with a fair share of vitamins and minerals and at least 2% of calcium supplement. It is crucial that your Labrador gets enough calcium in its dog food diet.

As is known to many, Labrador dogs have a solid bone structure and require ample calcium for bone development. You can also provide them milk and milk products in ample quantities. You will also have to give them loads of proteins so that they grow to their fullest size. Some of the other recommended foods for Labrador are vegetables like carrots, broccoli and cauliflower, cooked rice, whole-meal bread, croquettes – apart from meat. It is suggested that the Labrador is given yoghurt if it has a stomach upset or constipation. You should also offer good quality biscuits for the growth and preservation of its teeth.

As years advance and your Labrador gets older, you have to restrict their sweet intake – limiting it to once or twice a month in small helpings. Labradors are prone to diabetes and this might seriously impair their eyes as well as kidneys. Also, do not give your Labrador too much of fats as Labradors generally tend to be lazy.

Corn lies heavy in a Labrador’s stomach and can also cause many complications. In fact, dogs of all breeds are not meant to eat corn and other grains. Corn has been linked to skin allergies and rheumatic problems in dogs, among other things. It is therefore safe to feed your Labrador with a grain-free diet.

If you are feeding your Labrador standard dog food like Pedigree available in the market, then provide them medium portions about 3-4 times a day. The formula is the food you give them should be proportional to the amount of physical workout they do. Feed them meat in proportionate quantities because Labradors will grow as big-sized strong dogs when they are well fed.

Whenever you choose to prepare food for Labrador at home then ensure the recipe contains plenty of cereals like ragi, pulses etc as they will promote muscle building.

Labrador dogs should be fed at the same time every day as such a routine will keep your pet on a healthy state. As far as possible, feed your Labrador the same type and brand of food at all times as a dog’s digestive system is not attuned to competently handle frequent food changes. More importantly, make available fresh drinking water to your Labrador at all times

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