English Bulldog Puppy for sale from reputable breeders

english bulldog puppy for sale

“English Bulldog Puppy For Sale”

Puppies such as the English bulldog pictured above are a rare find. Most bulldog breeders usually keep the best stock for their own yard. However, if you find a breed that constantly produces dogs such as these, eventually they won’t have room to keep them all. Therefore, when searching for breeders it would be wise to find one that has many years of experience and many generations of dogs that were produced in their own yard. This will also ensure you will know what’s behind the blood you’re getting. When breeders have many generations of line breeding done in their own yard, they will also produce a very consistent look in their puppies. Find puppies for sale at:

How to find the right English Bulldog Puppy Breeder

With so many classified ads with that have an English Bulldog Puppy for sale, breeder web sites, and dogs listed for sale in the local news papers, it’s hard to find the right bulldog breeders. There are many important factors in choosing the right dogs as well as avoiding scams. We will go over everything you need to know when purchasing a new bulldog puppy, or any other breed of dog as well.

  • Choosing the right type of bloodline
  • Pedigree Research
  • Avoiding mixed bloodlines
  • Choosing the best bulldog puppy of the litter
  • Choosing the right Dog Supplements for your bulldog
  • How to avoid scams and Bad Breeders

There are many English dog breeders in the USA that have puppies for sale year round. However, I would suggest finding a dog breeder that only has a select few puppies available each year. This will insure that the breeder actually breeds as a hobby breeder and isn’t just trying to make money off of the breed. Hobby breeders usually have a few females and a male or two that are usually house dogs. Their website will have in depth information on bulldog puppies and adults as well as detailed pedigree information. A good breeder will also test their bulldogs for hip and bone disorders such as hip dysplasia. A bulldog breeder that isn’t concerned with breeding quality show dogs won’t bother testing hips, bones, or any other form of genetic defect.

Avoiding Scams and Bad Breeders

A quality bulldog breeder will always allow visitors to their kennel and will have both parents on site. If for some reason, they used a stud outside of their yard, they should have detailed information on the stud’s pedigree as well as their owner’s contact information. There are many very poor bulldog breeders that will do just about anything to make a dollar. This goes for all other breeds of dogs as well. It’s important that you research each breeder’s history as well as ask for references. If the breeder is a reputable bulldog breeder, there should be no problem with them supplying you with resources that will verify that they are a reputable breeder.


When looking for a good bulldog puppy, or English bulldog pup, you want to start off by searching Google for breeders in your area. It is always better to purchase a dog in person with the parents on site and the papers in hand. This is the best way to avoid purchasing a poorly bred dog and running into a possible scam artist. Many web sites on the internet may look legitimate, but are really just smoke and mirrors. The only way to truly find a good bulldog breeder is to see their yard in person.

Researching the Dog’s Pedigree

Researching the bulldog puppies pedigree will consist of researching atlas the first 3 generations of dogs. You want to make sure that there is no heavy inbreeding within the first 3 generations and especially in the first and second generations of the dog’s pedigree. There are many misinterpretations about inbreeding. Inbreeding can be a good thing in some cases. It lock in a certain look. As long as there are no genetic defects in the parents pedigree, the majority of the time inbreeding isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You will most likely be getting a puppy that is extremely similar to the parents. However, if they do have any genetic defects in their genes, they are likely to show in the litter. Therefore, you are better off finding a nicely line bred puppy.

A line bred dog will have a few of the same ancestors within the first 1-4 generations of the pedigree. Ideally this is done to achieve a certain look. Most likely a breeder would want to have a champion dog in the pedigree more than one time. This will give the puppies a better chance of looking like the champion dog and carry some of the same traits. A line bred dog, when bred correctly, will have very similar traits as their litter mates as well as their parents.

Types Of Bloodlines, Scatter bred, line bred, out crossed.

English Bulldog Studs should be health screened prior to being bred to avoid passing any genetic defects to puppies.

A scatter breed bulldog puppy is something you want to avoid completely. A scatter bred bulldog puppy will have none of the same ancestors within the first 1-4 generations and will most likely have a number of different bloodlines in their pedigree. This will result in a very inconsistent litter with the puppies sharing very little of the parents traits. Some puppies may posses some of the looks of the parents, but very few will. Just because the bulldog’s parents look good, it doesn’t mean the puppies will too. Another reason you want to avoid purchasing a bulldog puppy from a scatter bred litter, is that it shows that the breeder has very little breeding experience.

An outcross puppy is a puppy that is produced by breeding two purebred dogs, both from different bloodlines. This is usually done by breeders that want to bring new traits into their bloodline when the blood is being bred to tightly (Meaning that the dogs are becoming too inbred). This is the most common form of breeding and you will see this through out different breeder’s yards. There is nothing wrong with an out crossed bulldog puppy, however a line bred English bulldog puppy would be more ideal. Line bred litters are the most consistent and the puppies will look very similar to the parents in most cases.

Avoiding mixed bloodlines

Lastly, you have bulldog breeders that mix their bloodlines with other breeds of dogs. This is usually done by using another bulldog’s papers and having incorrect papers all together. While this is frowned on by the majority of English bulldog breeders, it is done more often than one might think. A good way to spot a breeder that mixes their dogs with other breeds is by asking them for pictures of their ancestors. Most bulldog breeders that mix their dogs with other breeds, will usually only show pictures of the sire and dam. Sometimes they won’t even have pictures of both the sire and dam. If the sire or dam looks nothing like it’s ancestors, they there is a good chance that they mixed their line with another breed of dog. Researching their kennel’s name through google is usually helpful. If a breeder is doing bad business, it will usually pop up on a message board or  scam alert website.

Choosing the Best Bulldog Puppy Of The litter

English bulldog puppies

When choosing the best bulldog puppy from a litter, It is a must to see their temperament and how they interact with the other puppies. Especially when they are eating and playing. A dominant dog will always eat first, while a submissive dog will allow the others to eat first. A dominant dog will not roll on his back, while submissive dogs will lay on their back with ease. If you are looking for a protection dog, you will not want a submissive dog. However, if you are looking for a family dog that will get along with other pets, the submissive dog may be the right dog for you. As far as size, disposition, and structure go, you want a healthy and well structured dog. You want to avoid dogs with kinked tails, incorrect bites, and bowed legs. These are signs of poor breeding and considered faults. You want to pick a puppy with nice thick legs, a large head with good eye separation, and strong fronts. You also want to observe how they walk and make sure they aren’t limping or hopping excessively. These can be signs of hip problems. If you are unable to see the puppies in person, a long video will have to do. You may also want to get the breeder’s input, but don’t always go by that. Some breeders will try to steer you away from the best picks.

cute bulldog puppy pictures
cute bulldog puppy pictures

Good luck on finding your new English bulldog puppy and new member of your family. Also, a quick tip on puppies. Always fully vaccinate your dogs before you bring them to dog parks or outdoors in the public. Young bulldog puppies are highly susceptible to parvo, as well as many other deceases. They will need four sets of shots before they are able to go into the public safely. Failure to do so may result in the death of your dog, so it is very important to have them fully vaccinated.

Bulldog Nutrition

A key role in keeping your bulldogs healthy is by providing them with the proper nutrition. A balanced diet consists of a quality holistic dog food, and proper health supplements. Products such as Bully Max ensure your dog are receiving all essential nutrients and then some. The problem with feeding dogs solely dog food is that a number of key vitamins are destroyed during the cooking process when making dog food. This is a necessary step in making dog food and is unavoidable. Bully Max contains these nutrients that are lost during the cooking process. If you want the absolute best possible diet for your dogs, choose a quality holistic dog food along with Bully Max.

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