English Bulldog, Hip Dysplasia & Dog Health Products

How to make your dog biggerWith so many English Bulldog classified ads, breeder web sites, and dogs listed for sale in the local news papers, it’s hard to find the right breeders. There are many important factors in choosing the right dogs as well as avoiding scams. We will go over everything you need to know when purchasing a new bulldog puppy, or any other breed of dog as well.

The Bulldog breed is also referred to as the English Bulldog. The name ‘Bulldog’ is a fairly vague name for a breed of dog that is also referred to as many other names. Other Bulldog breeds include the American Bulldog and the French Bulldog. This general breed of dog is extremely muscular and heavy, with a wrinkled face and characteristic pushed-in nose.The first reference to the term “Bulldog” happened in 1631 or 1632 in a letter by Preswick Eaton when he wrote: “Procuer mee two good Bulldogs, and let them be sent by ye first ship.” The name “bull” was given due to the dog’s use in the sport of bull baiting. The original Bulldog was very fierce, daring, and almost numb to pain. The sport of dog fighting became illegal in England in 1835. As a result, the Old English Bulldog was becoming useless in England. Yet, emigrants did have a use for these dogs in the New World. In England, they started getting rid of the unwanted ferocious qualities and conserving the better characteristics of these dogs.


Within a couple generations, the English Bulldog slowly became one of the best physical dogs with its strength, speed, and stamina, regardless of its history of violence. Over time, the original Old English Bulldog was eventually crossed with the Pug breed. The outcome created a shorter, wider breed of dog with a brachycephalic skull. Even though today’s Bulldogs look tough, they cannot handle the tasks they were originally created to do. This breed today cannot endure the complexity of running and being thrown from a bull, let along grip with such a short muzzle.

Dog Competitions

In 1878, the oldest single breed specialty club was formed in England called the Bulldog Club. It was here that the members wrote the first standard of perfection for the Bulldog breed. In 1891, the club held a contest between the two top Bulldogs, Orry and Dockleaf, to see which dog could walk the farthest. Orry had many characteristics of the original Bulldogs, with lighter bones and extreme athletics. Dockleaf was much more similar to modern Bulldogs, with a smaller, heavier set body. In this contest, Dockleaf was confirmed the winner. Many people argued that the originally version of the English Bulldog was more physically fit to perform. Yet, the modern version of the breed proved their worth throughout the walking competition.

The Bulldog is a breed of dog with distinctively wide shoulders and an equally wide head. This breed has thick folds of skin on its brow, along with round, black, wide-set eyes. The Bulldog’s muzzle is short and has folds called “rope” above its nose, with hanging skin under the neck, loose lips, and sharp teeth. This breed has a short, smooth and shiny coat, with colors of white, fawn, red, piebald, and brindle, which is a mix of colors often in waves or uneven stripes. The average size of a typical grown male Bulldog is approximately 55 to 60 pounds. The general size of a typical grown female Bulldog is about 45 pounds. These averages are common in the United States. As for Bulldogs in the United Kingdom, the standard weight for a male Bulldog is 55 pounds, while the average weight for a female breed is 50 pounds. Many breeds of dogs have their tails cut or docked soon after birth. However, the Bulldog breed is one of the few dog breeds whose tail is naturally short and coiled.


Some important factors to research prior to owning this breed are:

  • English Bulldog History
  • Dog Competitions
  • English Bulldog Temperament and Behavior
  • Lifespan and Health Issues / Hip Dysplasia
  • Dog Supplements and Health Care
  • How to avoid dog heat exhaustion, and heat strokes

Bulldog Temperament and Behavior

English Bulldog Puppies for sale
English Bulldog Puppies for sale

Even though Bulldogs give off a naturally moody facial expression, they are actually one of the most relaxed and easy going dog breeds out there. They have the ability to travel fast over short distances. This breed of dog does not need a lot of physical exercise. This makes them an ideal pet to have while living in an apartment or urban area. Bulldogs are friendly and outgoing, yet can become stubborn from time to time. They adjust well to training as long as the training is done correctly. Over time, breeders have worked hard to dog aggression out of Bulldogs. Therefore, this breed is now known to be of generally good temperament. The Bulldog breed is known for getting along well with children, families, other dogs, and pets, due to their pleasant and patient nature. Often times, bulldogs can become so attached to their home and family that they find it difficult to wander out of the yard without a human companion by their side.

Lifespan and Health Issues / Hip Dysplasia

The average lifespan of a bulldog is around 8 to 12 years. However, the United Kingdom argues that it is shorter than that at 6.5 years. The leading cause of death of English Bulldogs is said to be cardiac related, cancer, and old age. Of the dogs that died of old age, they lived to an average of 10 or 11 years. Another common health problem seen in Bulldogs is hip dysplasia. According to statistics from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, of 467 Bulldogs tested between 1979 and 2009, 73.9% were affected by hip dysplasia. This is the highest percentage among all dog breeds. Patellar luxation is another health condition that affects many Bulldogs. Interdigital cysts are also seen in some Bulldogs. These are cysts that form between the dog’s toes and can cause severe discomfort for the dog. However, these cysts are treatable by either a veterinarian or an experienced owner. Along with these health problems, Bulldogs also may occasionally suffer from respiratory problems. Other health issues can include cherry eye, which is a protrusion of the inner eyelid, certain allergies, and other hip issues in older Bulldogs. Often times, Bulldog puppies are delivered by Cesarean section because their naturally large heads can get lodge in the mother’s birth canal during birth. Hip dysplasia in bulldogs is a genetic disorder. Hip dysplasia can be avoided by doing hip and bone x-rays before breeding. This is the best way to avoid hip dysplasia in bulldogs.

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It is important to keep English Bulldogs as clean as possible in order to help prevent some health issues. The folds or “rope” on a Bulldog’s face need to be cleaned daily in order to prevented unwanted infections caused by moisture accumulation. Also, occasionally a Bulldog will have his curling tail so tight to his body that he requires daily cleaning and some ointment to prevent discomfort. Like all dog breeds, Bulldogs need daily exercise. While they do not need as much exercise as most breeds, movement still needs to be included in their daily lives in order to prevent becoming overweight. An overweight Bulldog is much more likely to develop heart and lung problems, along with joint issues. It is recommended to have your Bulldog on the proper multivitamins and supplements for dogs, such as Bully Max. Health care in Bulldogs.

Avoiding dog heat exhaustion, and heat strokes

Extra caution needs to be taken during summer months and when taking Bulldogs into warmer climates. This breed is extremely sensitive to heat. You should make sure you provide your English bulldog with plenty of water and shade, and be sure to keep them out of the direct sunlight. In order to keep them safe and healthy, good ventilation and air conditioning are almost required in their environment. Oddly enough, Bulldogs do most of their sweating through the pads on their feet. They tend to really enjoy cool floors like tile or cement because it keeps them cool. Like many short faced dog breeds, Bulldogs often have airway obstruction problems. This causes them to easily get overheated and even die because of hyperthermia. The airway obstruction problems also cause them to be big snorters and heavy breathers, along with loud snorers. However, these are all health issues that can easily be kept under control as long as you take good care of your English bulldog and protect him from unsafe conditions.

Overall, the Bulldog breed is a breed of dog that is extremely friendly and loyal to his family. Often times many people get the wrong idea about English Bulldogs. Their natural negative facial appearance gives off the wrong message. Yet, if you take the time to really learn about Bulldogs and how to properly take care of them, this breed can become a great pet and even better companion.

English Bulldog Puppy
English Bulldog Puppy

“Bulldog Puppies”

There are a number of bulldog puppies available from various Bulldog breeders in the US as well as in other areas of the world. We recommend studying the temperament of the puppies. If you are looking for a dominant puppy, laid back pup, or a puppy that plays well with other dogs. You can deterimine this by watching them play, eat, and interact with the other pups. If one of the puppies is hesitant to roll on his or her back, she is more dominant. However, if you are looking for a puppy that is less dominant, you would want the pup that rolls on their back easier.