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As a dog owner, we are faced with a lot of alternative methods of feeding our dogs like wet dog food, dry food or canned dog food. Wet dog food is optimal for hydration in dogs while canned dog is suitable for constipated dogs. Dry dog food is very ideal for those owners looking for optimum long term way of feeding our dogs.

Compared to canned food and wet food, another main advantage of dry dog food is its innate ability to maintain the teeth and gum of our dog- healthy because of the chewing process. The ingredients that constitute to give its nutritious value in a natural and organic way are given below.

Most ideal dry dog food regimen for our dog should consist of premium quality fresh chicken, lamb meal, and duck meal to provide the most natural balance of proteins for puppy/dog Brown rice – a superior rice grain with the nutrient-rich bran portion intact, which holds nutrients of vital importance like fiber and essential oils. Fresh Carrots, an excellent source of vitamin A and beta Carotene Oatmeal, rich in Potassium and an excellent source of high energy digestible carbohydrates for energy. Skin and coat, Essential Fatty acids are combined in a specific ratio to produce an excellent skin and coat condition with ultra small bites and ultra Premium dry dog ratio food specifically made for small breed dogs and puppies.

Needless to say that those dogs of different ages differ remarkably in their requirement of food and we should consult our veterinarian and take his advice before embarking on his food regimen to avoid pitfalls later.

Dog dry food – to increase the vitality and life expectancy of our dog, we have to acquire dog dry food. It is not necessary that a highly priced food item only will be suitable. A food manufactured by a quality conscious reputed manufacturer will be more than sufficient for our purpose. Manufacturers classify their various dog dry products as fit for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs.

We have to be in constant touch with our veterinarian as well as our Breeding Consultant regarding the dry dog food we give to our puppy/dog. It is the quality that should come as priority and not cost or any other factor.

The main point to remember is to avoid a mix up of giving the puppy food to adult dog and vice versa. The price tag may be same causing confusion. Even when we have to change the regular diet of an adult dog, the change will have to be spread over a period of a couple of weeks. Increase the new food by incremental steps decreasing the new food by the same quantity.

The cardinal principle here is, that, if the dog feels healthy, necessitating very few visits to local vet, having a shinier, healthier coat, the inference is obvious. We are on right track as far as our dog’s nutritional requirements are concerned,

In conclusion, it can be safely said our dogs are our very special friends and they deserve very special attention from us in matters of a loving care, quality food and kind attention from us.




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