Dog Supplements for Muscle Growth

dog supplements for muscle growth
Dog supplements for muscle growth – Our Gorilla Max product is the most advanced yet!

Dog supplements for muscle growth

Veterinarians and experienced canine trainers will agree that the ingredients best suited for muscle-building are glutamine, whey protein, amino acids and BCCAs. Whey is the most effective and highest rated form of protein powder. Whey protein is a mixture of globular proteins isolated from whey  (the liquid material that is created as a by-product of cheese production). Gorilla Max also contains Vitamin B12 Supplement, DHA, EPA, Glutamic Acid, and Omega 3. The combination of these powerful ingredients are all found in Gorilla Max. They make up for the ideal dog supplement for muscle growth.

dog muscle
Gorilla Max Sponsored Bully “Goldie”. A perfect example of how a high protein supplement can build muscle in dogs.

The importance of protein in your dog’s diet

One realizes the importance of protein powder when one understands that the entire muscle-building and repair work happens because of these proteins. When your dog exercises, they feel the pain in their muscles. This strain stretches their muscles and in the process, tears the outer strands of the muscles.

This tear gives the expansion space necessary for the muscle to grow. If you overdo their exercises, there is the possibility of permanent damage to their muscles in their body. Therefore it’s important to gradually build up to more intense exercises such as weight pulling and spring poles. Muscle will rebuild after workouts and this process requires proteins. Whey proteins are the best because of their inherent simple structure. Your dog’s body absorbs the proteins faster and these will contribute to the muscle-building process immediately.

The rate of development of the muscles is increased. The increased muscle mass will compensate for the body mass that is required. This will prevent fat build up and the dog will have a much healthier constitution. Whey proteins contribute to the lean body mass and improves muscle tone immensely.

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