Dog show training for the big show

dog show training
Dog show training is essential before any K9 show.

Dog show training tips

Whether it’s Westminster or ABKC Nationals, the most prestigious dog shows cause even the most experienced dog exhibitor to feel bully butterflies.

It’s the anxiety of being on the largest stage, under the brightest lights, exposed to the harshest of canine critics! Generally the show requires months of preparation and and hours upon hours of dog show training. The media exposure is enough to make even a seasoned show vet pass out in front of the cameras!

The preparation required varies from handler to handler. The nutrition requirements would challenge the most dedicated body builder or personal trainer. Raw diets and strict schedules are prerequisites to success.

The ability to utilize the latest breakthroughs in BullyMax supplements can set a dog apart from other canine competitors! The ability to not only feed correctly, but to have a dog reach it’s peak right before an event is an art of science rather than luck.

The knowing how a certain protein effects the body, and how water plays a part, is the difference between being fat and being bully. The right nutrition only goes so far without the proper exercise. You can’t do one without doing the other!  This is where dog show training plays it’s part.

Exercise is a key component and it’s not only doing exercise, but doing the right exercise for your breed. In the case of the American Bully Breed, or Bully breeds in general the results often looked for in the show ring are short, bunchy, muscles on a compact frame.

These muscles are achieved through short impact workouts such as sprints, as opposed to long distance runs, or bike rides. Hill work and weight pulling can also be used to achieve the desired results. Swimming is also a useful tool to achieving the desired results for the largest of shows. The correlation between exercise and nutrition also comes down to when you feed your show stopper.

Before or after a workout, can have different results. Do you feed once a day or twice a day? The two times a day feeding schedule will allow you to notice changes in your dogs condition quicker. Feeding once a day doesn’t give you as much of an ability to monitor the weight results and muscle development. The other aspect of conditioning is when do you work your pet? Morning or evening? This often depends on your schedule, but never be afraid to switch it up! Shock the muscles and shake up muscle memory!

The last component is dog show training. Training is the ultimate in preparation! Although you may never be able to simulate the environment of the Super Bowl of Bully show rings, you can have your dog trained to a tee. The commands and experience that can be practiced will give any dog an advantage in front of a judge!

The pace of the gait, the relaxed dog in it’s stack, and the alert bully that approaches the judge with it’s ears perked, all will have an advantage in reaching the winners circle. The bully that has been to shows enough to know the routine will be relaxed and at ease!

The ability to hit shows months before the mega event serves as the best practice! The sprays and wipe downs, the powders and the grooming all go into the training portion of preparation. Always praise and play your champion, as expression plays a large part in making your dog look and act like a Best in Show winner! Practice makes perfect and perfect creates champions and grand champions!

So now you know dog show training! Preparation through nutrition, exercise and training and perhaps at the largest dog showcases you can be the last bully standing!

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