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American Bully Puppies of this caliber are often priced in the 10,000.00 Range by American Bully Breeders. This particular pup was sired by Bolow and is considered Miagi Blood.

So you’ve found the perfect breed, the perfect dog, the perfect four legged companion for your perfect family.  Not it’s time to see what the dog prices are going to be. You’ve also researched the breed that best fits your lifestyle, you’ve found a veterinarian, and you’ve purchased all the essentials needed to add a dog to your family.

Now you’ve gone on the hunt and you are looking for breeders in your area. You are searching classifieds, internet ads, and grocery store pinup sales boards. Suddenly you realize that the one thing you didn’t consider is the price!

Once you decide to purchase a purebred dog, you will come to the realization that all dogs are not created equal, especially when it comes to the price tag! The variance in price can range from a couple hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars! The range is not governed by just one aspect of a breed, or one benefit, or one ability.

The factors that affect price are just as wide a variety as the price ranges you are dealing with in your shopping exploits! Let’s break down some of the reasons breeders use to justify the high dollar, or low dollar prices they set on their litters.


Why Dog Prices Are Different

The main difference in dog prices between your two hundred dollar dog and your two thousand dollar dog is papers. Papers, papers, papers, this is the driving bargaining chip for many breeders when they begin to set their high prices. What exactly are papers? Papers are pedigrees, a list of ancestors that all dogs have, but that papers document.

Are they worth the thousands of dollars? Well it truly depends what is on the paperwork for dog prices. If the paperwork shows that your new Beagle is descended from a long line of champions and top notch dogs, it would go to reason that he should also be that type of dog as well. If you plan on showing in the arena in which his ancestors have dominated, you would be wise to spend the cash and truly get the top of the line puppy being offered.

The same goes for working titled dogs and a pup descending from proven stock. Now if all the papers show is who the parents are and there are few titles, or none, then you truly are just looking at a history. That history is basically saying you are buying a beagle, but the quality is not there.

You are just getting a beagle and the value of the beagle truly should be based on what you want to spend. Papers are great, but unless you plan to show, work, or breed they literally are worthless to you. So the value of dog prices will be found strictly in bragging rights to your friends. The average price of a papered non titled ridden pedigree will fall generally just under $600. The price for a true show dog from proven lines can go from $1000 all the way to upwards $5000.

Prices based on the dog’s gender

Another reason for price is gender. If you are buying a male or female it can effect the price of a puppy or a dog. Some breeders will charge more for a female because they are selling her as breeding stock. The fact that they are selling a female that later on you will make money off of will cause them to jack up the price.

Generally the difference between a female and a male is only a couple hundred dollars. Sometimes this variable flips however, depending on how nice the stud dog was that was used in the breeding. A really nice stud dog can cause a litter of males to be priced substantially higher than another litter. The order of picks can also raise the dog prices regardless of sex.

If you are getting the first pick overall you will in some cases be charged more money, and expected to pay more in dog prices based on getting the best of the best. For a good breeding dog, male or female, you can expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $2000. Be prepared to pay a lot, due to the fact you are almost buying at investors dog prices.

Other Reasons Pricing is Different

Other factors that have a major affect on dog prices are more random. Color, size, and eye color can all drive prices in dogs! These are often fad related, but these fads can change the price of a litter! A dog that would normally sale for $400 based on pedigree can now cost you $1000 based only on the fact it’s a pretty color.

There was a period where a chocolate Labrador cost substantially more in dog prices than its black litter mate, based entirely on color. The same with the “Blue” effect in American Pit Bull Terriers, the coat color became in demand and was marketed as rare. The costs being paid were ridiculous and the result was a lot of individuals without scruples began breeding the coat color regardless of the structure or health of the dogs used in the breeding. Size is another factor that breeders use to justify high prices.

Extra Large Dobermans would sell for thousands more than the generally excepted size of the breed per the standard in the eighties. If you find a breed you like, never get lured into the sales pitches that involve breeding dogs outside of what you researched. Eye color, bone, head size, or toenail color should have no effect on the price and as a buyer only spend the extra money, if it is truly what you want, but always remember when doing so you run the risk of losing so many other aspects that attracted you to the breed in the first place.

Is There A Correct Price To Pay?

There is no right or wrong price when it comes to dog prices, but the more research you do the better off you will be. There are great breeders and there are scam artists. You must know what you are paying for, and why you are paying it. A high priced dog that becomes your favorite dog was bought for a bargain! The low priced dog that does the same will be considered the same. Yet if you do little research and get duped into a fad purchase, you may have just made a choice that will rack up vet bills and children’s cries. Pay what you feel comfortable paying, but base your dollars on the factors with substance, such as health, structure, and temperament and you will be setting yourself up for a win!

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