Dog Muscle Supplements: What’s the Point?

Dog Muscle Supplements
Dog Muscle Supplements from Bully Max provide canines with the added nutrition they need to bulk up and build muscle.

Dog Muscle Supplements: What’s the Point?

Some dogs are born more muscled than others, just like some people are skinny and others are muscled even when they’re young. That doesn’t mean it’s hopeless if you’re a runt and want to show off muscle, however – workouts and eating right can help build muscles. The same principles apply to dogs, too; for the dogs who aren’t cutting the same imposing figure that others of their breed do, dog muscle supplements can help them build a figure that matches their breed.

There are many reasons people might choose to feed their dogs the right foods, perform workouts, and buy supplements for them to eat in order to build muscle. Workouts aren’t always enough on their own, as proper food is necessary. Dogs need to have the energy to work out and fuel their activity. Dog food also doesn’t typically contain the full range of nutrients needed by a healthy dog, as some of these nutrients are trace minerals that are hard to incorporate in a food. Here are a few common complaints of people who begin using muscle supplements for their dogs.

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“My dog can’t keep up in competitions.”
Many owners of pit bulls and other similar breeds enter their dogs in competitions like UKC weight pulls and similar events. If your dog is lagging behind others of similar age and weight in terms of muscle growth, they might be lacking some crucial vitamins or minerals for success. The speed, stamina, and energy of a dog will depend on the nutrients it is getting, so it’s easy to tell in competitions who is getting regular dog food and who gets the extra attention needed for weight and building muscle in dogs.

“My dog doesn’t look like a show dog.”
If you have bought a purebred pit bull puppy, you’re probably expecting it to grow up into a show dog. At a young age, it’s easy to tell which ones are going to look like show dogs and which aren’t developing properly. As young as four or five months old, you can begin supplementing your dog’s diet to make sure they develop properly so they are set for a lifetime of good looks! Whether you want your dog to look good for shows or just for photography, supplements will help make sure they develop with appropriate musculature.

“My dog isn’t healthy like other dogs from the same litter.”
Runts might be left behind in development if they aren’t given special care and attention. The runt of your pit bull litter might never look like the biggest one, but with a proper nutritional supplement for dogs, they can at least meet the average for their breed. Alertness and health are also affected when proper nutrition is given, not just muscle. If you want your dog to be as healthy as possible, especially if they haven’t received the best nutrition from the breeder, it’s important to start supplementing as early as possible.

“My dog doesn’t have the same energy I expect.”
If you’re used to having your dog run circles around you but they’re sluggish after a change in diet or routine, they might be a little out of joint. Supplements can help replenish nutrients your dog might be missing after a food change, leading to higher energy levels. Just like you might feel sluggish if you’re missing a crucial vitamin, dogs need their own unique balance of nutrients.

“My dog is showing symptoms of vitamin deficiencies.”
Just like humans, dogs show signs when they are vitamin-deficient. This can manifest in strange and unexplained health conditions, behavioral changes, or subtle signs like a rough and patchy coat or weak nails. Sometimes, these conditions are spotted by the owner, and other times, it takes a vet’s intervention before anyone realizes what’s going on. If your dog shows a clear sign of vitamin deficiency like weakness and anemia, your veterinarian might do a test, but it’s better to make sure your dog’s health never gets to to that point.

Dog muscle supplements aren’t just for those looking to make their pit bulls look fierce for protection purposes or competitions. There are people supplementing their dogs’ nutrition to help make sure they stay as healthy as possible over their lifespan, have the energy and stamina of other dogs, and look impressive for shows. Others want their dog to perform better in weight pulls or gain weight and size faster, especially if the dog is the runt of the litter or was not given extra supplements during their formative puppy years.