Doberman Protection Dogs – Are they the right choice for a guard dog?

Doberman Protection Dogs
Doberman Protection Dogs

One very distinctive type of dog breed is the Doberman. You can easily recognize one from the head, torso, and ear shape, and they tend to come in a few particular coat patterns. The main colors for these dogs include black, rust-red, blue, white, and fawn, and most have brown eyes. Their appearance is secondary to personality traits, though – Doberman protection dogs ( tend to have very distinctive personalities, too!

If you’re looking for a great dog to provide protection for your family, Dobermans are notoriously great for this purpose. They instinctively protect new babies, women living alone, or families as long as they are given proper training from the start. The intelligence and eagerness to please of this breed make them relatively easy to train, too. Here are some factors to consider when looking at Dobermans as a choice for a protection dog.

Lots of energy and stamina.
People who can’t go out every day to walk their dog or want to keep them in a kennel most of the day won’t find Dobermans a good breed. They don’t have the patience and mellow energy needed to live in a kennel or yard. You need to be with them a lot and take them out with you to the park, on walks, and around town. Dobermans love to be with you all the time and want to stay around your family, not be relegated to the yard. Also, you should note that this breed does not tolerate cold well, which is why police in many Canadian and northern US cities can’t use them as working dogs.

Easy to train if you’re in charge.
Like many strong-willed and protective dogs, Dobermans can become bossy if you don’t show them that you’re the pack leader. This must always involve consistence and confidence, not arrogance or violence, of course. Set rules and stick to them, make sure everyone in the household uses the same rules, and ensure the dog is the follower and not the leader when you walk or play. They are very intelligent, which makes them easy to train as long as you’re the boss. If they’re the boss, they are quick-witted and frustrating.

No protection training needed.
Though some people opt to provide muscle supplements or strength training to give their Doberman a more intimidating appearance, Dobermans don’t need additional training to learn to protect their family. As soon as they accept someone into the pack, they will work to keep them safe and guard them instinctively. They are great at guarding property, standing watch, and other working dog tasks. A Doberman who knows their place in the pack will be a loyal and consistently protective companion.

Training and exercise keep Dobermans sweet.
Unless their masters are in danger, Doberman dogs are very sweet and gentle. They are used as therapy dogs in nursing-homes because they don’t interfere with medical equipment while keeping to a slow walking pace if necessary. As long as they are properly socialized when they are young and exercised daily, not cooped up in kennels, they are normally good-natured and eager to please. They do need more exercise than usual, due to their energy and stamina.

Doberman guard dog attack dog
Doberman guard dogs are excellent family protectors and companions with the proper training.

Easy to care for if you can jog.
People who love to walk, run, or jog in the park get along very well with Dobermans. A long daily jog or run is a great way to get your dog’s workout in without worrying about excess energy. Aside from this absolute necessity, their coats are easy to care for, requiring very little grooming, and don’t shed much. Some genetic conditions are linked with Dobermans, but reputable breeders are aware of these problems and can fill you in on their puppies and their risk of inheriting genetic disorders.

If you’re interested in getting a Doberman, make sure you talk to a good breeder. This dog is sometimes associated with poor temperaments or temper outbursts, but this typically only happens when dogs are not socialized when young or are left cooped up. With proper care and attention, a Doberman is no more dangerous than other dogs – except to intruders and those who would do harm to you or your family.

Doberman protection dogs are a fantastic choice for families, young single people, those with small children, and others who need their family or property guarded. The dogs readily and happily take to the work and love to be included in the family. If socialized properly when young, they will get along fine with children and are happy, intelligent, high-energy dogs.

Recommend kennel to find your The best guard dogs and Doberman Protection Dogs:

Doberman guard dog training attacking a trainer with a bite sleeve

Family Dobes is dog breed and trainer of doberman protection dogs. They product some of the finest guard dogs in the world and the last thing they look for is a mean or aggressive Doberman. Their Dobermans must be safe around their own children as well as other peoples children. Stability is the trait they look for in their dogs. These means the dog is able to detect a real threat and know the difference between a criminal and a family member. They breed their dogs to be naturally protective, not aggressive.  They feel there is a huge difference, and there are dogs of both types out there.  They feel there a naturally protective Doberman is safe, and effective, but not a liability to the owner. They train their Dobermans to track and it is very helpful for finding kids in a large neighborhood at the end of the day to tell them it is time to come home if needed.

This summer there were a few local crimes in their area that effected the owner of this doberman protection dog kennel. From the owner of Family Dobes:

 A seven year old girl was sent outside to cool off after fighting with her parents and a neighbor lured her over to his home. Once inside she began to scream and he covered her mouth until she passed out. The rest of the details are so horrific, I won’t share them. The story ended after several weeks when the girls body was finally recovered. These horrible things are happening all to often! It is time we do something about it! Imagine how the story might have gone: A stranger tries to abduct my children who cry for help. Several bounding Dobermans come out and scare the abductor away. Or track him down immediately. Statistics show the faster a victim is located the higher the chance of recovering them safely. I teach all my Dobermans to track and trail right away, it is too important to me. Imagine there is a struggle and your Doberman has been trained in personal protection! There is so much peace of mind that comes from owning Dobermans, and even more when they are properly trained! My family is worth too much to me to let them suffer from a violent crime. Protect your family, home and assets with safe ownership of a deterrent breed of dog such as a trained adult Doberman protection dog.