The cost of owning a dog – Things to consider

The cost of owning a dog & the cost of wet noses

Puppy kisses and the pitter patter of puppy paws down hallways bring instant smiles to almost all dog lovers faces. After all, who can resist the adorable qualities of a puppy.

Puppies and dogs are used to sell products and their number one quality that sells is their ability to be cute. That cuteness and the aroma of puppy breath comes with a cost however, and we aren’t talking about just the initial cost of purchasing a puppy, but a lifetime of bills that until added up often goes unnoticed with the cost of owning a dog.

So how much is puppy breath and kisses truly worth when it comes to the cost of owning a dog? Well the cost is often thought to be priceless, after all how do we put a value on love. There is no price tag on an unlimited amount of smiles and laughter that the puppy will provide for it’s family over it’s decade or more of dog years.

We can’t begin to quantify a dollar amount of worth, but we can apply a dollar amount to what is spent, or the potential of dollars that may be spent in the years of owning mans best friend.

cost of owning a dog
The cost of owning a dog can sometimes be hidden.

First we have to discuss the initial investment and cost of owning a dog. Puppies can range from free to several thousands of dollars. Nowadays even the rescue puppy is going to cost a few hundred dollars. Purebred breeders best pups can reach the tens of thousands in dollar amounts.

The initial investment in puppy kisses can now require a Wells Fargo loan, or a second mortgage on a home. The first couple of thousands you spend will seem like a drop in the bucket compared to what you will actually spend for the rest of your canines life in care and provisions!

So you’ve paid a couple hundred dollars for your pet and maybe you think you struck a great deal and got away with highway robbery when you walked off the farm with the squirming bundle of love under your arm. Your financial victory is short lived however as soon as you walk into the local veterinarians office and really see the cost of owning a dog. Your puppies basic shots, worming, heart worm test, and fecal examination has been known to run new pet owners up a couple hundred dollars on the racetrack that is the cash register.

This is just the initial visit! Let’s not talk about the emergency visits when your puppy kiss machine, swallows a Ninja Turtle action figure, or can’t pass your pastel green tube sock! These common accidents often cost over a thousand dollars in the surgery room. It’s a common thing for a dog owner to have to visit the vet at least one time in it’s life, and the vet bills can pile up from there! The longer the life of your puppy the more likely these vet bills will continue to add up!  And, the more the cost of owning a dog can be.

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Well now your little beast needs to eat! Twenty years ago the choices involved with feeding your dog were limited to about four to six choices. Most of these choices involved choosing between dry or wet food. Now twenty years later the choices run a full gamut of choices. From puppy to senior, to holistic, to manufactured rainbow colored dog food.

The prices also vary from bag to bag. From the bargain basement prices of forty pounds of food for fifteen dollars, to the fifteen pounds of food for sixty dollars! The cost of food can easily add up to the value of a small vehicle over the lifespan of your puppy breath machine. A quality food although costing a bit more, may actually save money at the big bad vet in the future, so it’s a sound investment for any dog owner to feed a quality kibble.

The next large investment for the cost of owning a dog, is in essential medication. The heart worm and flea and tick preventative that is a must have for any pet owner, is going to add twenty five dollars to your doggie overhead a month. Heart worm medication is inexpensive considering the treatment costs if your pet contracts the disease!

The treatment can quickly rise over one thousand dollars, and the preventative will run less, or right at ten dollars a month. It’s the smart financial decision! Flea and tick medication will also cost a little bit, but dealing with the fleas and ticks are never a fun task, especially during the hot, muggy, months! So our recommendation is definitely don’t shirk at this monthly expense!

The other items that throw up the costs of course are valued supplements, crates, kennels, collars, leashes, and fencing to name a few! All of these items can add up to over twenty thousand dollars in the lifetime of your pet. These items are purchased by some pet owners as often as monthly and others only once in a lifetime.

The important thing to remember is that these items are essential in most cases and the ability to purchase these items at the onset will save you a great deal of money in the long term. Toys and other miscellaneous items, seem cheap when you first throw them in your buggy, but over time these baskets of toys begin to add up!

So, in the break down of what the cost of owning a dog over it’s lifetime, it’s a very vast range. That vastness is governed by what you do for your pet. On the low end you may spend just over ten thousand dollars and on the high end you may spend thirty to forty thousand dollars for your best friend over it’s lifetime. Is the money spent worth it? Most definitely! The return on investment on a puppy is a lifetime of smiles, and on your worst days, smiles are priceless!

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