Colby Pit Bull History of a Fighting Dog Bred in 1889

The Colby Pit Bull has a long and interesting history as a fighting dog.

muscular american pit bull terrier
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It is a breed that has survived negative stereotypes of strictly being a fighting dog to being a celebrated member of the American Kennel Club. It is a muscular and strong breed. It is also a breed that is family oriented. They are noble and loyal to their owners and make wonderful family pets. The Colby Pit Bull is a very charismatic dog that will forever be popular.

Colby pit bull dogs have a long history that dates back over 100 years from today. The most common are the American Pit bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. A far less known is that they originated from the line of Colby Pit bulls. They are part of the American Pit Bull Terriers. This breed of Pit Bulls originated in 1889 by a man named John Colby. John Colby’s Primo was selected as the first standardized model for the American Staffordshire Terriers by the American Kennel Club.  An interesting fact from the AKC is that at one point they considered the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier as the same breed. These breeds had characteristics of the Colby dog and are based on its standards. Years of selective breeding have changed that and they are recognized as separate breeds.As mentioned before, John Colby originated his strain of American Pit Bull Terriers in 1889. He brought over the top of the line canines from Ireland and England. He started breeding them and the breed took off and spread all over Northern parts of America. Now more than 100 years later, the line of Colby Pit Bulls are still in effect and worldwide.

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The Colby Pit Bull has a first impression of  tremendous strength for its size. It is a very muscular, bulky dog. Despite these attributes, the breed is also very agile and limber. The Colby dog is alert and aware of its surroundings. The Colby dog’s head size should by medium length with a broad skull. Their muzzle should medium length and fall away from below eyes. Their neck is heavy and medium in length. They have muscular shoulders with wide and sloping blades. Their tails are short in correlation to size. It is set low and tapers to a thin point. The Colby dog’s coat is short and lustrous. The Colby’s bloodline size is generally in proportion with its height and weight. There is a characteristic height of about 18 to 19 inches at shoulders for the male and 17 to 18 inches for the female. link:

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Webster’s Joker was born in 1914
His Sire was: Colby pit bull Bunch
His Dam was: Colby’s Rhody
He was bred by: John P. Colby in Newburyport, Ma
and was owned by William J. Webster Junior in Columbia Tennessee. He was well known for his strength, conformation, as well as his drive and endurance.

The Colby Pit Bull bloodline is not only a good looking dog but has a very interesting history. In the 1930’s the American Kennel Club had added the American Pit Bull Terriers (Apbt) to their registry under the name Staffordshire Terriers. The AKC decided that since they have a new breed in their club, they needed a standard for it. Wilfred Brandon, who headed the AKC committee, chose Colby’s Primo after visiting many kennels.This help to introduce the breed to the public as a notable breed of canine.

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