Weight Pulling Tutorial Video for Beginners

Learn from the best – This FREE video features inside tips from world famous 5X champion pull team – Dungeon Kennel (Home of the Dela Cruz Bloodline). Dungeon Kennels is proudly sponsored by Bully Max Dog Supplements. Video produced by BullyBadAssTV™.

pit bull pup in phoenix az

One of the most popular forms of obedience training is through puppy clicker training. The training method essentially uses sound reinforcement to immediately identify a wanted action with a given command. Dog training simplified is the basis around clicker training. The master gives a command and once the command is followed praise is immediate and

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A tri color pup

Puppy Obedience Training Tips New puppies are often portrayed as fluffy, smiling, furry balls of fun. Puppies are all of these descriptive words, however, there is another side of puppies that is less spoken about. They can also be dirty, destructive, mischievous, disobedient little scoundrels needing puppy obedience training! If your puppy outgrows its cuteness

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treat training

Treat training – Positive reinforcement dog training There are few things more impressive than a well trained bully. It elicits oohs and aahs from neighbors and relatives. The bully that is well behaved does wonders in defeating stereotypes and misconceptions about the breed. The opposite can be said for the out of control bully. Seeing

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