Cane Corso Italian Mastiff family companion and protector

The Cane Corso Italian Mastiff

The Cane Corso Italian Mastiff is as special to a dog lover as is the Ferrari to an automobile freak. In short, it is the Ferrari of the canine world. With its elegant looks, muscular lines and a magnificent style, the Cane Corso may look like the ideal fighter breed, but it can be your perfect family companion and protector. In this majestic pet, you will find the heart of a lion and also, the gentleness to watch over a child. Though not very heavy compared to other watchdogs, it can put up a tough fight for any other dog or animal with it wide muzzle and strong muscular body. Added to its strength, its agility and always active nature, along with very sharp ears make it a true guard dog. Getting a Cane Corso for your home also makes you a proud owner of the animal, whose ancestors were deemed worthy of entering the Roman amphitheater.

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Appearance of the Cane Corso Dogs

The Cane Corso gives an impression of power, balanced with athleticism. It is tight skinned and well muscled, unlike most of the other breeds of dogs that come under the Mastiff category. The Mastiff category of dogs is a breed that can be used as guard dogs. However, it does have some dewlap on the neck, and the bottom of the jaw line is defined by a hanging lip. Even with the hanging lip, it still expresses elegance, strength and endurance. Dogs of this breed can grow up to 62-69 cm when standing, with the males being taller than the females. With a muscular and tight skinned body, their weight is in keeping with their size and stature, lying around 40 to 50 kg. A key feature of the Cane Corso is its muzzle, which is as wide as it is long. With such a strong muzzle, which is about 33% of the skull length, its bite strength is remarkable. Most Corso have docked tails which give them an elegant look as well. Its ears droop forward naturally, but, if legal, you can crop them such threat the remaining stubs are equilateral triangles. Black and fawn are the natural coats for the Corso. However, with genetic pigmentation, blue and formentino coats of Corso can be seen today. The coat has a vitreous texture and is not as smooth as it looks. It is shiny and stiff too, and has a light layer that becomes thicker in winter.

Cane Corso
A Cane Corso Dog shown resting before a dog training session.
The Cane Corso is a large and powerful dog breed that shows great traits of stability and trainability. These are two key factors that dog trainers and dog owners alike look for in a guard dog. When it comes to training a protection dog, the Corso would be an ideal dog to train.

Temperament of the breed

The Cane Corso is a dog that will form a close attachment with you in a very short time. Dogs of this family are easy to train and are considered to be very intelligent. In courage and in attachment it equals the best of its race. The Corso have a very strong protective instinct and is very a very loyal companion. Your Corso will form a close attachment with you and like to stay near you all the time. Even though they look fierce with a well toned body, they are even-minded and have a very stable temperament. You need not worry about having it in your apartment, as it is great with children in the family and will allow them to play with it happily and will suffer their little pranks without offence. However, they are not just good be spend time. When necessary, they become terrible and will protect people, house and property at any cost. The Cane Corso doesn’t go out looking for a fight, but, also, it is not the kind of dog to back down from other dogs which try to dominate it. It is always suspicious of strangers and wonderful with the family, making it an amenable watchdog and companion. The Corso is so intelligent, that it will remain calm with strangers when the owners are present.

Going Back To Olden Days
Its direct ancestor, the Canis Pugnax has been used for hunting large wild animals and even as an auxiliary warrior in battles. It was also a status icon in Italy. Back in those days, the Cane Corso would be the guardian of the courtyard of the most important person in the town. The whole town would be built around this courtyard. Later, it came to be used by watchmen and keepers, and also by carters as a drover. However, this fascinating creature had to face the danger of becoming extinct. Only in the 1970s, with the efforts of enthusiasts, by mans of cross-breeding with appropriate type selected breeds, this breed was brought out of extinction. This, however, came with the result that, the present day Cane Corso have more bulk and also have lost the scissor bite. With so many cross-breeds Corso available, the strength and muscular features of this breed are slowly going down. If you have to see the real Cane Corso, just as nature had made it, you would have to look at the Cane Corso Italiano. This breed, fortunately, has found a safe home in the Southern parts of Italy.

It’s a Busy Life
The Cane Corso is a very active and busy dog. Being very athletic you need to put it through a lot of exercise to make it feel comfortable and healthy too. The Corso make excellent jogging companions. However, if not jogged daily, it is important that you take them out for a long, brisk walk. Just like other Mastiffs, the Corso also thrive outdoors. But, they need adequate shelter, because of the thin coat. The pet will be fine in an apartment if it gets enough exercise. Training is an important aspect in a Cane Corso’s life. You ought to show strong leadership while training puppies and it though it may seem difficult, it is very important to control and mould your Corso’s strong protective instinct. You also need to be careful when introducing the dog to new places and people. A Corso must be trained such that, it should react only when a real threat is present. As can be seen, socialization is the key. If the puppy is properly socialized, your Corso, can get along quite well with other people and dogs as well. You must always try to have it busy with some exercise or dog sports so that it remains comfortable even in your cozy apartment. Dog sports are also an excellent way to build muscle in dogs. Some of the best ways to build muscle are with treadmills, spring poles, weight vests, and weight pulling.