Bully the kid writes for Bully Max

Over the last week or so you may have noticed some changes to our blog here at Bully Max.  We have not only been fixing things up with our website and blog, but we have a new personality.

Introducing:  Bully The Kid aka, BTK or Bully

bully the kid
Bully The Kid

Yes, you read that right, or correct, or however you want to say it.  We are please to have Bully The Kid authoring posts on the blog.

BTK is very knowledgeable about dogs and he is also known as the “Voice of the American Bully”  Bully is that good, when it comes to the Bully Breed and really knows his stuff.

He is also very passionate when it comes to animals.

All you have to do is talk to BTK on the phone for a little while and his passion for animals shines right through the phone like a beam of positive light.

So without further ado, here is a little bio on BTK and why we think he is an awesome writer, an excellent animal educator, and why we think you are going to love the material he writes.

Lets cover a run down on what Bully has done in his life:

  • BTK writes for Atomic Dogg Magazine
  • He has his own radio show on blog talk radio
  • He was star of his own pilot show “Bully and Sugar” on Animal Planet
  • He was also an animal cruelty investigator in Atlanta Ga. for many years

As you can see, BTK is very qualified to write on our blog. And, all we ask is you welcome him and read what he has to say.  He will be coming up with many topics about the Bully breed along with helpful articles on K9 health, nutrition, training and more.  You may also from time to time read an interview BTK has done with a celebrity.

Either way, we know Bullys articles will be very informative and helpful.  And, the best part is, at least for now, you will see a new article from BTK just about every weekday.  So, you need to stay tuned to what BTK (The Bully Expert) has to say.

Bully Max holds the highest standards in the K9 world and we stand behind our product 100%.  When it comes to our blog, things are no different and we want everyone to have the best information available when it comes to the Bully breed, K9’s or dogs in general.

Let Bully The Kid tell you more himself.

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