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Police K9 Supplement review
“After K9 Deacon got hurt on the job, he was having some trouble keeping weight on and not really wanting to eat his food. After doing some research, I found out about BullyMax and ordered some to try. Deacon loved it.
Since using BullyMax and BullyMax PLUS, he has gained his weight back, has more energy and is noticeably healthier than ever before. His leg that he injured is stronger than ever too!
The results from this product have been a game changer for my partner! I will continue to use your products with K9 Deacon and future dogs.
Thank you for such a great product!”
Deputy Tyler Kullman Spokane County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit, Spokane WA

“K9 Falco has gained 10lbs since we started using Bully Max. I have noticed that he is healthier and stronger than he has ever been. This product has delivered some amazing results. I will definitely continue to use this product in the future.”
Officer Joe Mullins Franklin Township Police Department Columbus Ohio

sublime-pit-bull-ownerI’m Qball bass player for the world famous band Sublime. I also am the owner of Mac. Mac is my 116 pound UKC purple ribbon gottiline pit bull who holds the title for the largest head in 11 states and soon the whole country.
I have just started Mac on Bully Max and I can tell you this stuff works big time. Bully Max in just one month has made a my dog Mac explode with muscle. He all ready has the largest head and now were shooting for the largest bulk of muscle and with Bully Max, Mac will get it.
Qball (Bass player for the world famous band Sublime) & Mac

american-bully-supplement-reviewLove this product! Great for muscle, health, and giving your dogs a beautiful shiny coat. So if your looking to improve any of the above I strongly recommend Bully Max. My dog love it!
View a video from Ballistic Bulliez
Jorge Sanchez Ballistic Bulliez- San Bernardino, CA

All of my dogs are using bully max even my puppies. It works so well and I noticed it made my dogs faster, healthier, & stronger.  When I feed them bully max I also noticed their coat and skin are so much better. This truly is a great product and I highly recommend using it.
Sean Melendez – Norwalk, CT

Great supplement for my dogs, give them energy and surprisingly outstanding muscle growth. Used with my weight training program made me think and look three times at my dogs and how cut and defined they became. The definition in their muscle display was simply freakish.
Bernardo Almeida – Jersey City, NJ

It’s the best dog supplement I’ve tried. My dog has been trained in the international red cross as a member of the rescue team and his behavior is simply awesome; more energy, stamina, focus and strength are only some of the improvements he has had. Besides that he’s grown in size and put on muscle mass.
Harold Penna – New York, NY

This is a picture of Armani at age 18 months winning Best of Breed from the classes.  He is now an AKC Grand Champion and a UKC champion.  He also holds a CGC (Canine good Citizenship title. He has filled out and matured as you can see by the other picture. I own and bred Armani’s mother, GCH Trugrip Rockin Rockette. All through her pregnancy I used your Bully Max supplements. I kept Armani out of the litter and from his early months, always gave him Bully Max supplements. He has matured into what I believe to be a handsome boy. I give all my puppy owners, One bottle to start their pup when they leave here. I stongly believe in Bully Max supplements even though we feed well.
Joan Ganz Camelot Staffords Camelotstaffords.com

My name is Rafael Lopez and I have been a user of Bully Max for almost 6-7 months now. My 1yr old pitbull Dempsey was super thin and had a dry coat before using the Bullymax pills even while on Blue Buffalo. 3-4 months into the Bullymax I started to notice a shine to his coat, and definition in rear legs and shoulders like I couldn’t believe. Dempsey is definitely a neck breaker now at shows or events even while only being a year old.
Rafael Lopez – Tampa Bay, FL

My American Bulldog Neo while a beautiful big dog had like ZERO interest in food, even had him on raw with no success so it was daily struggle for me to get him to gain any weight. His only exercise routine was dragging me all the way home so he could lay in front of the fire. UNTIL I put him onto Bully Max. So within about 3 to 5 days into his course I noticed an increase in appetite and that was ONLY the start ! Things really started to pick up about two weeks into the course of Bully Max. His coat was gleaming so much so it actually looked wet and with his appetite increase came along with the weight and MUSCLE! His drive just went through the ROOF! He wants to work now and getting him to STOP is now an issue though an issue i’m grateful for! All I can say Bully Max is THANK YOU! With your help my dog has started the transformation from being ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY! I am a DIE HARD Bully Max fan.
Andrea Brown – Scotland, United Kingdom

This is Dallas my 11 month old American Bulldog. He was lazy, and was looking like a standard American Bulldog when I got him as a pup. I started him on Bully Max at 12 weeks old, and now he has drive, work ethic, and he’s super Bully. At 11 months old he already has a 29 inch head. His he’s out doing his on sire with pulling, and he’s really big, but very athletic. Thanks you so much Bully Max!
McArthur Gordon – Pembroke Pines, FL

This is reno one of my dogs that takes Bully Max. Before I started to give it to him he was active already, but once it got into his daily food diet he has exploded with drive and energy. He waits for his Bully Max treat every morning and evening. I have noticed his muscle mass increase of about ten to fifteen pounds in a month even with all the activity through out the day. I am going to try out Gorilla Max on my next dog I am raising, can’t wait to start him on it. Thank you Bully Max best results I could ever expect!
Cris and Reno – San Jacinto CA

I decided to try the product on our 3 year old APBT Titus after a fellow breeder recommended Bully Max. After using Bully Max for a few months, I’ve noticed a drastic increase in his muscle mass and energy. I’m extremely satisfied with the results and will continue to use this product in my dog’s diet.
Jose Dominguez – San Juan, PR

This is my American Bully DIESEL, (of KURUPT & SAVAGE BLOODLINE). After a lot of research and consideration we concluded that BULLYMAX must be the best MUSCLE & STRENGTH BUILDING DOG SUPPLEMENT out there.
We consulted with our veterinarian, who also highly recommended it. After only a few day his coat was showing amazing changes , it became smoother and glossier. From day one his appetite increased. He couldn’t get enough food in fast enough, we were no longer worried about his lack of appetite. Around day 6 we noticed big time energy and endurance gains when he played.
Around day 10 everybody noticed MUSCLE GAIN. his head & jaw muscles grew. He went from a 21inch head to 22inch. His collar no longer fit him from neck muscle growth. Around day 30 his harness no longer fit him. From there, we KNEW THIS STUFF WORKS NO DOUBT. HE WAS LEANER, FASTER, STRONGER, AND HIS NEW HARNESS COULDN’T FIT ANYMORE.
There’s no way around that he plain and simple lost body fat and gained muscle. He’s a much happier puppy as well, & Very good tempered he loves playing with new dogs & children as well. THANKS TO ALL OF THE BULLY MAX TEAM. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO ANY OWNER SERIOUS ABOUT GIVING THERE DOG MORE MUSCULAR, MORE ENERGY, STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, APPETITE, and a POSITIVE MOOD.
Vance & Diesel – Boston, MA

Primo is one of the most winning Rottweilers in the history of the show ring. Primo holds the following titles and continues to dominate in the show ring: HUNGARY AUSLANDSIEGER 2010, ADRK Südpfalzsieger 2010, Croatian Klubsieger 2010, Austrian Klubsieger 2010, THE BEST ADULT MALE OF CROATIAN BREEDING 2010, TOSCANA SIEGER 2010, BELGIUM KLUBSIEGER 2010, SLOVENIA KLUBSIEGER 2010 , BODENSEE SIEGER 2011, ALMATIA WINNER 2012, POLAND KLUBSIEGER 2012
Grand Champion Rottweiler Primo Lochavens Rottweilers.com http://www.lochavensrottweilers.com/

Bully Max Proudly sponsors American Pit Bull Terrier Fador. Fador is a prime example of what Bully Max can do for your dogs. If you are looking for the winning edge in the show ring, Bully Max provides dogs with the nutrition they need. Fador is a 2X Champion ABKC show dog and a world renowned stud dog.
Bully Max Sponsored American Pit Bull – Fador

Bully Max Proudly sponsors American Pitbull “Goldie” from NOD Bullies in Texas. Just one of the many fine dogs that achieves amazing levels of physique, fitness, and health by adding Bully Max to their diet. See more photos of Goldie.
Bully Max Sponsored Pitbull “Goldie”

border-1 american-bully-on-bullymax
Bully Max Proudly sponsors Champion show dog breeders Carolina Bully Farms. Pictured here is their ABKC Champion and Atomic Dogg Magazine cover dog “Mo Money”. Carolina Bully Farms is one of the latest sponsors at Bully Max Supplements. They use Bully Max in all of their dog’s diets daily and love the results that Bully Max delivers. CBF’s has a been an amazing team to work. We highly recommend visiting their website to see more of their outstanding dogs at: http://www.carolinabullyfarms.com
Bully Max Sponsored American Bully Kennel “Carolina Bully Farms”

This may be the best product I’ve come across in 25 years of owning and loving American Staffordshire Terriers!
– Hussein Warner Robins, GA (View His Amazon Review Here) Comments: This may be the best product I’ve come across in 25 years of owning and loving American Staffordshire Terriers! I haven’t been using them all that long, so I reserve the right to change my mind. After just a couple or three weeks of giving two of these tabs a day to my male and female 7 month old puppies and 3 year old males and female adult AmStaffs, the results are impossible to ignore! There is definitely new muscle being added to their bodies, and let me tell you it looks good! I can’t wait to see what a few months of this will do for them! We wanted to see if it was the Bully Max for sure or maybe something else, so we discontinued for a month, and guess what happened? The muscle growth slowed back down to what you’d expect for 7 month old pups and pretty much stopped for my adult dogs! They’re all back on them now, and not only are they gaining muscle again, but their coats look great, their energy levels and stamina are even better than before, their appetites have improved, and they even seem to be sharper cognitively, with greater attention spans and increased patience! They were doing well in all those areas before I started using Bully Max, but as I said, there is an improvement over their already impressive baseline for all these attributes that can’t be denied.

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