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*My American Bulldog Neo while a beautiful big dog had like ZERO interest in food, even had him on raw with no success so it was daily struggle for me to get him to gain any weight. His only exercise routine was dragging me all the way home so he could lay in front of the fire. UNTIL I put him onto Bully Max. So within about 3 to 5 days into his course I noticed an increase in appetite and that was ONLY the start ! Things really started to pick up about two weeks into the course of Bully Max. His coat was gleaming so much so it actually looked wet and with his appetite increase came along with the weight and MUSCLE! His drive just went through the ROOF! He wants to work now and getting him to STOP is now an issue though an issue i’m grateful for! All I can say Bully Max is THANK YOU! With your help my dog has started the transformation from being ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY! I am a DIE HARD Bully Max fan.

— Andrea Brown