Building Muscle in Pitbulls

One of the hallmarks of a healthy dog is it should be muscular. Whether you are building muscle in pitbulls by using spring poles, weight pulling, or just good old fashion running, there are definitely right ways and wrong ways to build muscle in dogs.

The onus is therefore on the dog owners to help their dogs develop muscles and look athletic. Most dog owners will agree that having a dog with a muscular physique can be a proud possession.

Muscle building in dogs is related to three key areas – genetics, food intake and exercise. The next obvious question is- how to train your dog to acquire muscles. There is a variety of ways how this can be achieved.

Feeding the dog the right nutrients and in the right amounts holds the magic key for developing muscles. Diet is actually as important as exercise because they can assist muscle building. In order for your dog muscles to build up bigger, you need to provide your body with enough protein, carbohydrates and calories.

Most dogs loves to retrieve a ball flung far away. Throw the balls preferably up a hill so that he has to exert a bit to fetch the ball. This activity will build up the dog’s muscle strength and bulk rather rapidly.

Engage you dog in playing sports with other dogs of similar strength and build. This will assuredly be a great full-body workout for your dog. Take care to see you do not pit your dog against other bigger and fiercer dogs lest it sustains injuries.

Take your dog along with you while you ride a bicycle. You can ask your dog to run alongside when you leisurely bike ride by holding the leash. This is remarkable cardiovascular exercise, and the sustained running will quickly help your dog build muscle.

Muscle Dog

Train your dog to jump as jumping is one of the proven exercises for dogs to attain muscles as well as agility. You can take your dog for an outdoor stroll and encourage him to jump over logs and rocks. Never try to get your dog to jump more than about a foot off the ground as higher altitudes can lead to injuries.

Veterinarians opine that testosterone and growth hormone help build dog’s muscles. Insulin also plays a major part in muscle growth. Insulin is an important anabolic hormone that can do its bit to help your dog’s muscles grow. The three key hormones involved in protein synthesis in muscle are testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin.

Insulin also speeds the movement of amino acids into the muscle cell. Insulin speeds up the rate of amino acid transport into the cell. The more amino acids transported into the muscle cell, the faster the rate of muscle growth.

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