How to Build the Ultimate Pitbull Spring Pole

pitbull spring pole
How to build the ultimate pitbull spring pole.

Building the Ultimate pitbull spring pole

Piecing together all of the parts for a quality spring pole can be difficult. Luckily, we found a place to purchase all of your heavy duty hardware online and in one spot! You can pick up all of the hardware needed for $28 bucks, and tie your dog’s favorite tug rope right to the spring hook. We recommend a 3 foot tug rope, tied 4 feet from the ground.

Parts List for your pit bull’s spring pole

1. Springs 6.99 – 9.99 – You can purchase heavy duty springs here: 100 lbs Springs, or for lighter dogs 70 lbs springs.

2. Hooks 3.99 – You can purchase your hooks here: Heavy Duty Spring Hooks


3. Heavy Duty Pro Swivel or HEAVY BAG JOIST MOUNTS – These are ideal for mounting your spring pole hardware. They range from 9.99 – 39.99 and can be purchased here: Wood Beam Hanger or here Heavy Duty Swivel Mounting Piece

4. Tug ropes – 3 foot tug of war ropes work best. You can find them at your local pet store or order them online as well here: 3 knot 3 foot long tug o war rope

Part these 4 parts together and mount them on a tree, deck, or wood beam. Once you completed the installation, your dog can enjoy hours of exercise on their new spring pole!

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