How to Build Muscle in Pitbull Dogs with Dog Sports

Build Muscle in Pitbull Dogs
Shown above is a rednose pit bull pulling a truck. Weight pulling is a great sport for pit bulls to participate in. It is a great way to build muscle in dogs, release energy in a positive way, interact with your dog, as well as exercise your dog. Some owners prefer to use dirt tracks, others prefer snow, while some prefer concrete. Whatever the case, there are weight pulling events across the US that use various terrain. Each pulling event has their own rules and regulations. For up to date information on events, rules, and weight pull harnesses for dogs, you can visit link:

When you look to build muscle in pitbull dogs, fitness is as much important for dogs as it is for people. Dog sports help when building dog muscle, building your pitbull dogs confidence, and also helps socialization of the dog.

Some dog sports that American Bullies and APBT’s in general enjoy are weight pulling and dock jumping. Just like people, dogs look good and feel good with a little bit of muscle on their bones. However, like people, you cannot expect your dog to hit the gymnasium daily and make it do a couple of bench-presses of lift dumbbells. To help your pit bull build muscle, you need to get some creativity into yourself, and think out new and fun ways of exercise for your dog. Just exercise is not the way to build up dog muscles, a proper diet, rich in proteins, along with a quality dog supplement is also necessary.

There are a number of ways you can build muscles in your dog. Some of them include:

  • Workouts and Dog Sports
  • Fun workouts
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Weight Vests for dogs
  • Dog weight pull harnesses
  • Weight pulling events
  • Dock Jumping
  • Obedience training
  • Running, Dog Treadmills, and walking your dog.
  • Diet and Dog Supplements
  • Dog Supplements
  • Dog Vitamins
  • Bully Max
  • Insulin for muscle building in dogs

Note that workouts and proper diet are both required for muscle building. Without a proper diet, your dog could get over-exhausted, and without proper exercise, your dog would just put on unwanted weight. Make sure you give your dog a balance of both.


As you might have already guessed, workouts for dogs that will help them build some muscle, are not very different from those that people do. It all comes down to exerting the muscles, and increasing the exertion slowly, giving enough time for the body to build up.

Fun Workouts

Workouts give best results, especially when the dog is having fun doing them, and is eager to do them again. Fun exercises are a great way to build muscle in pitbull dogs, at the same time, spend some fun time with your pet. Fun workouts usually involve games between you and your dog, like:

  • Tug-off-war
  • Fetch uphill
  • Bicycle Rides
  • Obstacle jumping
  • Spring poles
  • Play Dates with other dogs

Playing tug-of-war with your dog will help a lot in building up its leg and shoulder muscles. In such a workout, you must be careful that the dog, which is holding on to the rope with its teeth is not lifted off the ground, as this may hurt its back and teeth.

Playing fetch is one of the most popular dog games. You can turn this fun game into a fun workout, by choosing a landscape where your dog has to run uphill to fetch the ball. This makes your dog exert much more than usual, and will help it a great deal in building up its muscle strength.
Going for bicycle rides with your dog is a great cardiovascular exercise for your dog, and regular exercise will help build its leg and shoulder muscles. This workout involves taking your dog for a leisurely bike ride, holding the leash, making him run alongside the bike. This exercise may require some practice, and always let your dog set the pace. Keep the distance of running around two miles, and three miles at the maximum. 

“Muscular Pitbull”

Building muscle in pitbull dogs can be done by weight training and the proper supplements. This muscle dog is considered an American bully. The American bully dogs were first introduced in the late 80’s – early 90’s with bloodlines such as Razors Edge, Greyline, and Gottiline bloodlines.

Jumping is a good exercise for your dog and will build muscles on the hind limbs and also enhance your dog’s agility. For a start, take your dog on a run around the park and encourage it to jump over rocks, logs, etc. After enough practice, go a step further and make an obstacle course in your own backyard using tires pr low hurdles. Making hurdles that are around a foot high, and expecting your dog to jump over it is asking too much out of your dog. However, with proper training, it is not difficult. When indulging your dog into potentially dangerous exercises such as jumping, make sure your dog is always safe, and do not rush with the exercises.


Spring poles are a great fun exercise for your dog, one that it will love to indulge in endlessly. Attach a spring to a sturdy branch or pole and then tie a rope to it. Hanging from the suspended rope and togging the rope are exercises that will keep your dog busy for hours together.

Arranging for play dates with other dogs of the same size and weight is a good full-body workout and will also help in socialization of your dog. You must make sure that no one gets hurt when the playing gets particularly physical.

Hydrotherapy uses water as a means to build up your dog’s muscles and joints. The most prominent hydrotherapy techniques for dogs are swimming and underwater treadmill. Swimming makes your dog exert different muscles at once and increases the power of endurance. Underwater treadmill is getting more prominence nowadays, because, it is not only as effective as land exercises, it also does not put too much strain on the dog’s limbs. Hydrotherapy is an effective practice, which gives your dog the workout needed, without much strain on its joints and limbs. 

Weight Vests for pit bulls

Weight vests are used especially for dos which take part in weight pulling competitions. These vests are made from heavy denier fabric and come in different sizes and weights. The weights that these vests can hold ranges from six pounds for a small size vest, to 10 pounds for a large size vest. Though your dog may take some time to get adjusted initially to the weight of the vest, it will help your dog develop muscle power and control quite effortlessly.

“Muscle Dog”

With the proper training, dog supplements, and weight pulling, you can have a muscular pitbull in no time at all. The right supplements for dogs include Bully Max along with a raw dog food diet. The raw dog food diet may also be replaced with quality holistic dog food as well.

Vitamins for dogs
Vitamins are extremely crucial, and all the fats and carbohydrates are a waste without enough vitamin intake. Vitamins are essential for assimilation of fats and carbohydrates. Vitamins present in proper quantities and ratios in the diet are optimum for muscle building in dogs. 

Insulin for muscle building in dogs
Insulin’s responsible for the transfer of glucose from the blood to the cells. More importantly, with regard to muscle building, insulin is a great anabolic hormone and plays a vital role in muscle building. This is because insulin has a huge impact on protein synthesis and enhances muscle growth. 

A right balance of diet and workouts is necessary to get your dog build some muscle and be in good shape. Changing the diet or starting workouts for your dogs, can be drastic changes in its daily routine, and must be done gradually. It is always better to meet a veterinarian before you fix upon any workout regime or diet schedule for your dog. With just a little care, you can help your dog build up some muscle and be proud about it.


Diet and Supplements
Diet plays a very important role in maintaining and developing dog muscles. The diet should ensure that the six essential nutrients are being given to the dog, in balanced quantities. The six important nutrients are: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water.

High protein feeds are recommended for muscle building dogs. Proteins derived from meat and its by-products are lot more wholesome than those derived from plant sources. Though too much of fat can cause obesity, no fat at all in the diet is not good for your dog. Adding Omega fatty acids to the diet will help keeping your dog’s skin texture healthy. Carbohydrates should make around 50% of your dog’s daily food intake. However, it is better to check if your dog is allergic to carbohydrates, before you decide on a diet for your dog. Minerals are very critical for bone formation and metabolism. For a dog which is building its muscle up, potassium, sodium and magnesium are necessary to avoid muscle weakness.

Top Ten Ways To Build Muscle In Dogs

Dog supplements
Dog supplements such as Bully Max are the best way to build muscle in dogs. Bully Max contains a number of ingredients that you cannot get from dog food alone. It also contains vitamins and minerals to keep your dog’s immune system strong and healthy.

weight pulling pit bull bloodlines
Weight Pulling Dogs
Weight pulling is an excellent way to build muscle in dogs. Pulling weights can be a great sport for many breeds of dogs. Especially working dogs such as the Pit Bull, Mastiff, or Rottweiler.
Treadmills for Dogs
Tread mills can be a great exercise for your dogs. Not all dogs enjoy the treadmill, however many dog. With a little bit of training your dog can walk on the same treadmill that people use. All you will need is a harness and leash. Start off on a slow speed and guide your dog along the track. After they get the hang of it you can speed it up. You always want to monitor your dog while on the treadmill to avoid any mishaps.
Weight Vests
Weight Vests for dogs are a great way to build muscle. Websites like link: offer a number of different weight harnesses and weight vests. Make sure your dog is fully matured before using any type of weights. A good age to start with most breeds is two years old.
pit bull frisbee fetch
Play Fetch
Fetch can be a fun game for both you and your dogs. However, when dog’s sprint for the ball they are using a number of muscles in their legs. After a good 30 minuets of playing fetch, they’ve actually gotten quite a work out in. Make sure to give your dog the proper nutrition before and after work outs so they can fully recover.
dock diving dog in action
Dock Diving
A relatively new dog sport that involves a dock, a pool, and a toy thrown in the air by the owner in attempt to lure the dog to dive into the water. The further the dog jumps, the more points they receive.

pit bull Spring pole working out

Spring Poles for Dogs

Spring poles are a great way to exercise your dogs, relieve pent up energy, and build muscle at the same. You can build a spring pole for your dogs by using parts commonly used to mount heavy bags for boxing. Spring poles can be installed in decks, trees, or wooden beams. Some pit bull owners even prefer to use swing sets to mount their spring poles.