Boxer Dogs for Sale – What to know about the Breed before You Buy

Boxer Dogs for Sale
Boxer Dogs for Sale

If you are in the market for a new dog and are looking for a Boxer Dogs for Sale, it’s a good idea to know some history on your new family member. The first Boxers were exhibited in 1895.  They were bred in Germany by crossing the (now-extinct) Bullenbeiser and the Old English Bulldog.  There are various places throughout the U.S. where Boxer dogs are for sale—kennels devoted to their breeding.  Yet, as with any dog, it’s always essential to understand the breed before making a purchase.  Highly intelligent, agile, and athletic, these middleweights stand about twenty-five inches tall and weigh around seventy pounds.  As natural athletes they require daily exercise to keep them in fit condition.

Natural Protectors

Boxers make excellent protection dogs and are known to be good companions.  Playful and affectionate, this breed is a friendly yet very trainable dog.  They have very good reputations as family dogs and are both loyal and eager.  In terms of temperament, Boxers are greatly revered for their friendly demeanor.  Nevertheless, they are protective of their families and can be quite intimidating to anyone who may pose a threat such as burglars.  Although they are usually perfectly sweet and lovable, they aren’t cowardly and aren’t apt to back down in a confrontation with another dog.

Most owners of Boxers assert that it was their “personality” that attracted them to the breed.  With their quirky expressions and alert posture, they seem to have a degree of wherewithal that, perhaps, some breeds lack.  Because they are innately curious, they can also prove to be mischievous; therefore, early training can help minimize any risk of negative behaviors like jumping up on people.  It may not bother family members when they are puppies, but when these dogs grow up they are quite powerful for their size!

Boxer Dogs for Sale

Sometimes area pet stores may have Boxers dogs for sale, but many people who are serious about owning one prefer to contact breeders who have Boxers for sale.  It’s always best to purchase Boxer puppies from the most reputable kennels known for their responsible breeding practices.  Get to know a breeder and check their references before making a purchase.  Kennels should be clean and provide top-notch care of the puppies. Next day pets features various breeders that offer boxer dogs for sale:

Boxer Appearance 

Though a licensed breeder can provide you with certification for your purebred Boxer, it can help to be familiar with the breed’s appearance.  When viewing available Boxers for sale, you should see dogs that have a short and rather blunt muzzle—the telltale feature of the breed.  The dogs have large black noses and dark brown eyes.  Ears may be cropped or left in their natural state but are set high on the dog’s head.  Necks are essentially round and rather muscular.  Legs are well-muscled and tails are usually docked.  Their coats are short and smooth while their coloration is typically fawn, tan, or black with some white markings. They are regarded as an imposing yet handsome dog with great stature and an intelligent bearing.

Boxer Breed Concerns

Boxers are relatively temperature sensitive.  During warm weather they can become overheated yet easily take chill in winter.  Like other big breeds, Boxers are prone to hip dysplasia.  They are also prone to tumors (particularly white Boxers), arthritis, knee issues, and even back problems.  Keep in mind that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise will go a long way to keeping your Boxer healthy and in fit condition.  A medium-sized yard is typically big enough for Boxers to get their exercise, but they also enjoy a decent walk when the weather is fine as well as games of fetch.  Although they are only moderate shedders, it should be noted that they do shed.  Moreover, the breed is sometimes called stubborn—perhaps, a side effect of its extreme intelligence!

 Getting Ready for Your Boxer Puppy

Because Boxer puppies are quite inquisitive, it is important to puppy-proof your home before bringing your new dog home.  Talk to your breeder about the puppy’s diet and the type of dog food it’s been consuming.  It can also be helpful to have chew toys for the puppy to ensure that it doesn’t chew anything it isn’t supposed to!  Boxers love to play and Boxer puppies can be relentless playmates; they love to have attention even if it’s just a cuddle.  While energetic, the Breed is happy to nap at will and doesn’t typically cause a ruckus around the home.  They aren’t especially known to employ excessive barking either which can be important for people who live in apartments.  In any case, ask your breeder for other suggestions before bringing your Boxer home so you can give him the best start possible!