Blue Pit Bull Dogs – Blue Nose Pitbulls

Blue Nose Pitbulls Breed Introduction:
The Blue Pit Bull dog breed is just a division of the Pit Bull dog breed itself. The fascinating thing is that they also will behave quite differently besides looking similar to their counter parts the American Pit Bull, Red Nosed Pit Bull, and the American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull). The decision to get a dog has all but been chosen, and the first step is the educational process of determining which dog breed fits your lifestyle while still getting a dog that you want.

Blue Pit Bulls Dog Breed Temperament:

With all dog breeds there are humans that choose to abuse their pets and profit from their injuries as opposed to giving them a loving and nurturing environment to learn and grow with a family. The Blue Pit Bull dog breed can be as loving and caring as the human that gives the love and care, but has continually received bad publicity due primarily to underground dog fighting rings, neglect and abuse from their owners, and long ago ancestors that helped shape the breed as we know it today. Early development of the Pit Bull dog breed did create highly aggressive dogs. That was the purpose of the Pit Bull dog breed. Dog fighting was not illegal back then. Some of those bloodlines are still around, but if you choose your Blue Pit Bull dog breeder carefully you will not find yourself with an overly aggressive dog now as long as you establish very early that you are the “top dog” so to speak. In doggy culture the hierarchy of the pack is established since birth. These are instincts that cannot be bred out.The Blue Pit Bull is a great choice as a family pet for an active family that can provide the daily exercise and are dedicated to giving the utmost in care. The Blue Pit Bull dog breed does not like to be confined for long periods of time, but if started young can be successfully crate trained. Separation anxiety is something that can develop as a puppy, or later in life depending on the circumstances of the dog. There are many ways to not create separation anxiety, and ways to curb it. that can develop into nasty habits of chewing barking and whining (a well known bad habit of the Pit Bull dog breed). One way is to make coming and going a normal occurrence and not such a big deal. The Pit Bull dog breed in general has a high energy. The Blue Pit Bull dog breed is a little bit more relaxed and easy going. Doesn’t mind just laying around and being a toe warmer. The Blue Pit Bull dog breed will also provide a great sense of security. Most Blue Pit Bulls are protective over their family.

Blue Pit Bull Dog Breed Appearance:
The appearance of the Blue Pit Bull dog breed is where we start running into the differences of the four different types of Pit Bull. All Pit Bulls have an incredible dense muscular structure. The Blue Pit Bull dog breed is different only that they are the ultimate in muscular tone of the different types of Pit Bull. The Blue Pit Bull dog breed has a low stance to the ground that makes the compact body complete. The Blue Pit Bull dog breed has an extremely strong head that is wider and squarer than that of the American Pit Bull. The Blue Pit Bull dog breed exudes a powerful looking jaw, that is in fact much stronger than any of the other Pit Bull dog breeds. Most Blue Pit Bulls will have their ears and tails cropped before 10 weeks old. The only recognized version of Pit Bull that is recognized by the AKC or other kennel clubs is the American Staffordshire Terrier.Not all Blue Pit Bulls are the same, with a range of weights for males and females from 35 to 80 pounds. There have even been ones registered weighing over 100 pounds! At this time no standards have been established for the Blue Pit Bull dog breed seeing as how none of the kennel clubs recognize the breed as such. So the range of height and length can come in all shapes and sizes with a height as low as 15 inches to 25 inches tall.

“Blue Pitbull”

The coloring will mostly be a white splotch pattern with gray that gives the Blue Pit Bull dog breed its name and origination. The gray of the coat that has a hue of blue when looked at by the naked human eye.

Blue Pit Bull Dog Breed History and Origins:
During the 19th and 20th centuries, in particular, the dogs became extremely popular in Ireland and England as fighting and bull baiting dogs. They began making their way to the United States in the mid-1900s where they were used as herding and cattle catching dogs instead. Their appearance changed slightly as well, where they became larger and longer in the legs than their Irish and English ancestors.

They are only still deemed the American Pit Bull Terrier by the UKC, although many breeders debate over the true nature of both dogs. Until the 1980s, this breed was barely recognizable by most of the public and only grew in popularity over the last 20-30 years.

“Blue Pitbull Puppies”

Blue Pit Bull Dog Breed Mortality:
When it comes to the health and livelihood of the Blue Pit Bull dog breed, most veterinarians will state that a low percentage of Pit Bulls suffer from common large breed ailments. Hip dysplasia and arthritis hardly ever develop in the Blue Pit Bull dog breed because of how strong and sturdy they are right from birth. Cataracts on the other is something that will develop later in life closer to senior age before full blindness can set in. The Pit Bull dog breed will behave much like a puppy for the majority of their lives. Just like people, older age sets in and things start to fail. Prevention of heavy exercise until after the age of 2 is vital in keeping bone and tendon issues from developing.

Now this next one is a killer. Parvo. This does not just affect the puppies of the Blue Pit Bull dog breed, but to all puppies under the age of 6 months. Parvo takes only days to spread, and weeks to show signs of infection. Contact with infected feces, clothes, cages, dog beds are all ways of contracting and spreading Parvo. Most puppies don’t recover from treatment that can cost sometimes more than $2000.00 dollars. Vaccinating your pet from an early age and regular veterinary check ups are imperative during the first years of their life as well as continuing on throughout their lifetimes that can span up to 14 years if given proper care.

Blue Pit Bull Dog Breed Summary:
Though with all the negative criticism about the Blue Pit Bull dog breed, there are still reputable Blue Pit Bull dog breeders out there that stand by their word that they breed their dogs only for people to own as pets. All in all, when given the proper training, love and care, the Blue Pit Bull dog breed will make any family complete.

Bully Pit Bull

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