Pitbull Puppies and Dog Supplements for Muscle

Blue Nose Pit Bull
The Blue nose pitbull has an excellent temperament with children and people of all ages when socialized properly. Socialization should start as a puppy and continue throughout the life of the dog. Having your puppy around other breeds of dogs also helps their temperament improve greatly. link:

Pitbull lovers are wild about the Blue Nose Pitbulls! These dogs are so popular that they are known to be “blue lust”. That term describes the great demand for these particular dogs. Fanciers and breeders of these dogs have coined that clever phrase. Any pitbull that can create a lust must be something special! Also, the Blue Nose Pitbull is a rare item and purchasing one of these pups can cost quite a bit of money.

Red Nose Pitbulls are still very much in vogue, however, the Blue Nose is catching up and just about passing by the Red Nose as far as popularity goes. The Blue Nose Pitbull is just as strong and muscular as they should be, however, they just have their own unique look. They still have a good behavior and when treated, raised and trained properly, they are good with children and the entire family.

There are Blue Pitbulls that have a coat that is bluish in color ranging from a pale silver gray up to a deep charcoal. The Blue Nose Pitbull has a grayish color in his nose leather rather than the more common black, and in a certain light it may appear bluish gray. These pitbulls are not a different breed. They are still considered a pitbull and there is nothing separate about them except for their unique and yet beautiful color.

The color of the nose is really a diluted black. This is caused by a genetic makeup that has a recessive trait. Hence, the bluish shade of the diluted black nose. In order to achieve this color, both parents have to have the gene for this trait. It can be very tricky to produce this particular color. This is because that not only do the parent have to carry the proper gene, the alleles have to interact in many places in the canine genome. This interaction is what causes the nose to become blue instead of black. So, there is a lot involved in this Blue Nose Pitbull.

There are breeders who will specialize in this type of work to be sure that all of the puppies turn out with a blue nose. This is very hard to achieve since the breeders are limiting themselves to a very small gene pool to obtain the results that they want. Unfortunately, once the breeder finds a pair with the correct genetic makeup and proper genes, they will want to breed them over and over again to get the same results; the Blue Nose Pitbull. Too many breedings can possibly cause behavior and health problems in the resulting puppies.

Skin diseases can result from too much breeding to achieve a particular color. These diseases could result in viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Most of this will occur more in the Blue Pitbull since that color is affecting the whole dog and not just the nose. It can still be a possibility with the Blue Nose Pitbull.

Another problem that could occur is that the dogs may suffer from more nervous conditions, low vision, immune disorders, deafness and temperament problems. These are some of the same problems that affect harlequin, merle or white pitbulls. These disorders are caused by cells that create the pigmentation. These cells are important since they work closely with the immune and neurological systems of the dog. Breeders, therefore, cannot guarantee that their pups will not have the same problems as others bred for color choices.

The Blue Nose Pitbull is not a great guard dog naturally, however with training they can be excellent guard dogs. Even though it is a pitbull and many folks get one for protection. the Blue Nose is not as aggressive as the others. They may not be as aggressive to humans, however, they are more aggressive to other animals. If you decide to get a Blue Nose, be sure that he is the only dog you have in the home. The Blue Nose is also extremely stubborn, so going to obedience school should be a must for this pooch. Even if you think he’s being a good dog, he should still attend school, just in case.

A litter of Blue Nose Pit Bull Puppies

A Blue Nose Pitbull can also jump very high because he is very agile. You will need a fence much higher than four feet. Six feet would be much safer if you want your pitbull to stay in your yard.

Even though these are factors to consider when deciding to take home a beautiful Blue Nose Pitbull, it is still possible to get one that won’t have any of these disorders, or perhaps only have one that can be adapted to. If you decide to go with a Blue Nose Pitbull, take it to the vet for a complete checkup. If anything does occur during the dog’s life, you need to be prepared to have it treated accordingly. But whether or not something does occur, give that dog lots of love, care, and a wonderful home so that he will be the Blue Nose Pitbull that you wanted to have right from the start. These dogs need the love and attention just like any other pitbull, and you can rest assure that he will give it right back to you.

Choosing Right Pit bull Supplements for Blue Nose Pitbull

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