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Three breeds of dogs mainly constitute the pit bill group; the American pit bull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, and the Staffordshire bull terrier. For a pit bull to be full blooded, it must be a purebred specimen of one of these breeds. Thus the term “pit bull” does not refer to a breed of dog alone, but to a group of dogs.

The Blue Nose Pit Bull is best known for its bluish gray coat, which is uncommon among his breed. With proper training our blue nose pit ball will be a very calm, affectionate and well mannered addition to our family.  So what are the steps in the most effective training of Blue Nose Pit Bull?

These are the most important instructions, to be kept in mind, for that purpose:

Diet – As it is a costly puppy by any standards, we must feed the puppy a very high quality food alongside a constant quantity of high quality water In case you are doubtful about the type of food to be given to him, veterinarian’s advice to be obtained. Dog treats as training tools should be liberally used.

Consistency – Right from the beginning, you have to adopt consistency in your training methods. Pit Bull is very observant, and whatever other members of the family are doing, he will also, hence enforce discipline with all members of the family, and it will be easier to make the pit bull follow the procedures easily.

Exercise – On a daily basis, exercise the dog, such that excess energy is burned off and he is likely to be less overactive mostly, as they are high energy dogs. Their minimum level of exercise per day is 30 minutes. Walking your dog is bonus point in that it gives a bonding experience between you and the dog and a good time to train him to walk him properly on leash.

Obedience – Admitting the blue pit bull in dog obedient classes, serves the purpose to teach the puppy the basic commands like sit, stay and leave it, but in addition are a great way to socialize with other dogs. Though they are basically sociable, it is better to hone their skills in this direction. Also teaching dog commands will help the owner in day to day dealings with our pit bull.

Blue Nose Pit Bull Stud

Blue Nose Pit Bull Stud from Kinneman Kennels


Toys and Recreational activities – We must provide our blue nose pit bull puppy with lots of toys and activities to keep his attention throughout the day. When left alone, they are most dangerous ones to keep quiet and chew your belongings. They have very strong jaws and teeth and will need to have very tough toys to get them occupied.

Vaccination Schedules – Blue nose pit bulls vaccination schedules have to be strictly carried out as well as regular monthly check ups. As they are products of genetic mutation, they fall easy prey to more illnesses, in comparison to other breeds of dogs. Hence it is better to take preventive action in the form of regular vet visits.

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