Bully Max Before and After Photos

Real Dog Owners, Real Results. If it doesn’t say Bully Max, don’t expect these results. These before and after photos were not requested. We simply searched instagram for #bullymax tags and found these before and after photos from real Bully Max customers: Reach Your Dog’s Full Potential with Bully Max

cost of owning a dog blue pit

There’s room in your heart, and there’s room in your home…but is there room in your budget for a furry new family member? The Basic Costs of Owning a Dog Over the course of their life, an average dog will cost about $8,000 for everyday expenses such as: Food, treats, & water Accessories such as

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Bully Max VS. MVP K9 Supplements

Thinking of trying MVP K9 Supplements? May want to think twice.. MVP K9 Products contain Creatine. Creatine has never been proven to be safe for dogs. Creatine has been linked to: Muscle spasms and cramps Gastrointestinal upset Pulled muscles and liver damage Dehydration. With these potentially devastating side effects, there is very little reason to give

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Video of Hulk - The 175lb Pit Bull

A visit to Bully Max Sponsored Dark Dynasty K9s. Featuring one of the top 3 biggest pit bulls in the world – Hulk. This massive pit bull weighs in at 175 lbs. at just 17 month old. Reach your dog’s full potential with Bully Max