Protection Dogs for Families – The five best guard dogs to own

Five Best Protection Dogs for Families

Finding the best Protection Dogs for your family is easy when you know what guard dogs to choose. It’s easy to feel worried about your personal safety in today’s age with more visible crime happening in some cities and more break-ins occurring in other cities. Some cities are actually safer than others, but no matter where you live, you probably feel like you could use a little more protection. Many families opt for buying or adopting protection dogs, welcoming them into their homes and families. Even if you start with the intention of getting a protection dog, you will quickly fall in love with the bundle of fur, big personality, and loyal nature of a protection dog.

Some of the best protection dogs may not be the most conventionally pretty dogs, but they all have solid, working builds, careful breeding, and aesthetic appeal of their own. Don’t let this factor stop you from adopting the best dog for your family’s protection! Here are five of the best breeds to consider when you want protection for your family.

1. American Bulldogs
American Bullies are one of the most popular types of bulldog, though this breed is often considered to be relatively new. There are certain quirks in this type of dog that must be kept in mind when training, but they have higher pain tolerance and handle pressure better. This means that if they are protecting you or their property, they are more likely to win a confrontation and stay focused on defending you. American Bulldogs are harder than other breeds to decide upon in terms of breeder and dog quality because they are so new, but they are a great option nonetheless.

american bulldogs guard dogs
American bulldogs guard dogs

2. German Shepherds
For a long time, German Shepherds have been a popular working and protection dog. Many trainers and owners understand the quirks of this type of dog. They tend to be strong, except under direct physical or mental pressure, but the physical appearance of a German Shepherd will deter many thieves or those who would do harm to your family. They are great overall dogs with tolerance for kids, a sweet personality when socialized correctly, and can be trained to work in many different fields.

German Shepherd Best Protection Dogs to own for families
German Shepherd Best Protection Dogs to own for families includes this awesome breed.

3. American Pit Bull Terriers
Not to be confused with American Bull Dogs, American Pit Bull Terriers (sometimes called APBT for short) are a great choice for a protection dog. They are physically intimidating, powerful, and are very protective of their pack. They require careful socialization and training to ensure they will not display aggression towards other animals, but their intelligence and loyalty mean these dogs will not be discouraged from defending you and your property. They have great courage and have a high pain tolerance level, which allows them to ignore children who are pulling on their ears or tail.

Pit Bull Guard Dog Training
Pit Bull Guard Dog Training

4. Boxers
The appearance of an American Boxer is similar to a Pit Bull Terrier’s appearance, with stout, firm proportions, a compact body, and a generally intimidating build. This makes them great for protection due to the visual discouragement factor. They tend to have playful, curious, and energetic personalities, making them great family dogs even without the protection factor. Boxers are particularly great with children, and many enjoy the way they “box with” or paw at their surroundings. They are also able to recognize visitors they know. When protecting, they restrain intruders and keep watch like a pro.

American Boxer Attack Training Session
American Boxer Attack Training Session

5. English Mastiffs
If you’re looking for size and a powerful build, Mastiffs are an excellent choice of protection dog. These dogs have a lot of muscle and power, allowing them to effectively defend against many types of intruders (animal or human). They tend to be silent rather than bark at intruders, and they don’t tend to attack intruders – instead, they trap them by sitting on them or trapping them in a corner, for example. They are great with children, too, though training them can be a challenge. They may take more time to recognize the pack leader.

English Mastiff Guard Dogs on Duty
English Mastiff Guard Dogs on Duty

If you’re looking to keep your family safe, it’s a smart idea to look at the best protection dogs. As always, these breed guidelines are just that – guidelines. You can find a great protection dog by talking to and working with a breeder, allowing them to socialize a puppy especially for your needs, and learning how to properly socialize and train the dog as soon as you get it. A poorly-trained dog will not be a good protection dog, so training and your treatment of the dog always matters. Still, choosing a dog breed that has great protection instincts is a great start.

Bonus Guard Dog: The American Bully

American Bully Pit bull
This American Bully Pit Bull has a 27 inch head. An outstanding display of power, grace, and astonishment.

While a new breed, the American Bully is still one of the most popular dog breeds to own. In a scientific study on what do breed has the strongest bites, they came to the conclusion that it’s the dog breeds with the biggest heads. There is no doubt that the American Bullies have one of the largest heads out of all of the dog breeds. This breed is specifically bred to be  family dog as well, always a huge bonus.

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