Dry Dog Foods for your pit bulls

supplements and dry dog foods
How to Build Muscle in Pit Bulls
Without the right diet consisting of quality Supplements for Dogs and a quality dry dog foods, building muscles in dogs is nearly impossible.

Some Dry dog foods costs lesser in comparison to semi-moist or canned foods, and their nutrients are more concentrated, so small quantities will suffice to keep your dogs satiated.

The moisture content in dry dog foods vary from 6 – 10% in dry foods, and dry foods also help clean the teeth while dogs chew their food, serving an additional function. Dry dog foods must be grain-free and should be rated up to four or five stars by an Advisor.

Here is a list of some of the top rated brands of dry dog food, although not comprehensive or the ultimate.

a. Newman’s Own Organics Adult Dog Food Formula – This brand of dog food is known to be one of the best as it contains only organic ingredients as its primary source of nutrition.

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b. Wellness Super5Mix Complete Health White Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe dry dry dog Food – Known for its health benefits as well as balanced nutritional formulas, it is a product that all dogs love to eat.

c. Blue Buffalo Adult Free Range Lamb & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food – If your dog is a fussy eater and has difficulty adapting to different types of dog food, this line of food may be able to change that. They are very tasty and neither nutrition nor flavor is lost in the clamoring from the taste buds. It also has a high dose of vitamins and minerals, along with all-natural ingredients, high-protein content, inclusion of probiotics, use of chelated minerals, and meat such as deboned duck, chicken meal, potato starch, turkey meal, peas, chicken fat and potatoes.

d. Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs – These foods are popular because they prevent your dogs from overeating tendencies, as it contains a nutritious filling formula. The beef and rice formula serves adequately for protein and Omega acid sources, while the lamb and rice formula are perfect for dogs that have stomachs that are sensitive to most dog food ingredients.

e. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula – This grain free dog food has as its ingredients, exotic protein sources like real roasted meat from the prairies. Their unique formula is that of roasted bison and venison, which is a treat to most urban-bred dogs. The fish meal is preserved with natural tocopherols and is free of hidden ethoxyquin.

f. Innova Evo – This is a product of Natura Pet Products and is notable for its high-quality content. There are no grains used in the manufacturing of this product, and carbohydrates are made available to dogs in the form of potatoes. The four top meat ingredients used are turkey, chicken and their respective meals.

g. Orijen – This is also a grain-free product, and contains meat in the form of turkey and chicken meal, as well as deboned chicken. It is purely natural when compared to other brands and lacks the conventional form of most dry dog foods. It is slightly priced on the higher side and may be difficult to lay hands on. 

h. Natural Balance Ultra Premium dry dog food – This product is less expensive in comparison, and is known for its natural use of ingredients, quality meats and lack of any by-products. They contain grains like brown rice, oatmeal and barley, in addition to proteins in the form of chicken, duck and lamb meal. The fish meals are preserved with naturox and are ethoxyquin free. It has earned 4 out of 5 stars and is popular among most dog owners. The advantages of this product include overall health fitness, energy, shiny coat and lack of digestive problems. The food is tested for the existence of possible contaminants like E. coli and salmonella, to make sure dogs are allergy free.

i. Purina Dog Chow Complete and Balanced dry dog food- The main ingredient is whole grain corn along with poultry by-product meals, corn gluten meals, animal fat, meat and bone meals, brewers rice and soybean meal.

j. Iams Healthy Naturals  dry dog food- Their ingredients include chicken, chicken by-product meal, brewers rice, corn meal, ground whole grain sorghum and ground whole grain barley.

k. Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Original – This product has similar ingredients to most supermarket brands like chicken, ground whole-grain corn, ground whole-grain sorghum, ground whole-grain wheat, chicken by-product meal, soybean meal and corn gluten meal.

What are the Best Supplements for Dogs?
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Other popular dog food brands may be rated according to their quality as well as stars:

5 Star Dog Food Brands. These are some of the best dog foods that you can purchase. A personal favorite of dog breeders is a Merrick’s before grain chicken and rice dog food. You can buy dog food online to save yourself a trip to the store. In most cases the prices are the same or even less.

Dry Dog Food Ratings continued, from the best dog foods / top rated / and worst dog foods

4 Star Dog Food BrandsAddiction Dog Food (Dry)AvoDerm Natural Dog Food (Dry)Bench and Field Dog Food (Dry)Berkley and Jensen Dog Food (Dry)Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul (Dry)Dog Lovers Gold (Dry)Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals (Dry)Halo Dog Food (Dry)LiveSmart Dog Food (Dry)
Nutrience Original (Dry)
PetWay Dog Food (Dry)
Pinnacle Grain Free (Dry)
Regal Dog Food (Dry)
Simply Nourish Dog Food (Dry)
Vets Choice Dog Food (Dry)Wellness Super 5 Mix Dog Food (Dry)
3 Star Brands of Dog FoodAdvanced Pet Diets Lite (Dry)Blue Seal Classics (Dry)Country Vet Dog Fuel (Dry)Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance (Dry)Lassie Natural Way (Dry)PetGuard Dog Food (Dry)Quality Care Plus (Dry)Royal Canin Breed-Specific Adult (Dry)Summit Dog Food (Dry)Trader Joe’s Dog Food (Dry) 2 Star BrandsAvoDerm Natural Vegetarian (Dry) Keep in mind with these two star dry dog food brands, they are not nessisarrly bad for your dogs. However, it would be highly recommend by veternarians to upgrade to a higher quality dog food.Beef and More Dog Food (Dry)Bil Jac Dog Food (Dry)Country Vet Premium Dog Food (Dry)Evolution Diet Dog Food (Dry)First Choice Dog Food (Dry)Hill’s Prescription Diet I/D Canine (Dry)Red Flannel Dog Food (Dry)ShowTime Dog Food (Dry)Sportsman’s Pride (Dry) 1 Star Brands.Alpo Dog Food (Dry)Beneful Dog Food (Dry)Big Red Dog Food (Dry)Bil Jac Reduced Fat (Dry)Black Gold Dog Food (Dry)Boots and Barkley (Dry)Buckeye Dog Food (Dry)Caliber Dog Food (Dry)Chef Michael’s Dog Food (Dry)Country Squire Dog Food (Dry)
Country Vet Choice Dog Food (Dry)
Dad’s Dog Food (Dry)
Doggy Bag Dog Food (Dry)
Everpet Dog Food (Dry)
Extreme Dog Fuel (Dry)
Gayoso Farms Dog Food (Dry)
Hi-Tor Veterinary Select (Dry)
Hill’s Science Diet Mature Adult (Dry)
Joy Dog Food (Dry)
Kibbles ‘n Bits Bistro Meals (Dry)
Kroger Value Chunk Dog Food (Dry)
Ole Jack’s Dog Food (Dry)
Pedigree Dog Food (Dry)
Pet Shoppe Dog Food (Dry)
Purina Puppy Chow (Dry)
Rancher’s Choice Dog Food (Dry)
Rex Dog Food (Dry)
River Run Dog Food (Dry)
Simply Right Dog Food (Dry)
Sonny’s Pride Dog Food (Dry)
Supreme Dog Food (Dry)
Tops Dog Food (Dry)
Tuffy’s Dog Food (Dry)

Online Dog Food Stores and Dog Food Coupons:

Thus, these are some of the wide-ranging products available at pet stores and supermarkets for dogs that love dry food.

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