Barking dog problem – Sleepless in the Suburbs

Barking dog problem – How to quiet your neighborhood

It’s two o’clock in the morning and you have an important job interview in the morning. You’ve been tossing and turning for the past ninety minutes. You’ve covered your head with a pillow, turned your television to a volume that almost prevents sleep, but none of the remedies can end the cause of your sleepless night.

dog barking problem
If you have a barking dog problem, then there are things you can do to help make your neighborhood quiet once again.

The incessant noise and barking dog problem seeming to vibrate your bedroom walls. The non stop barking of your neighbors beloved coon hound. The baying at the moon and the barking at the odd bumps in the night has for weeks prevented you from a good nights sleep. Your polite complaints in the daytime have resulted in no changing of the beasts behavior and tonight is the night you are at your wits end.

Your newborn baby is now awake, and the soft nudging you have applied to your wife’s back has only earned you the grumbled “It’s your turn” response you dreaded. Swinging your feet to the floor you groggily head down the hallway to the annoying sound of the coonhound baying in the entirely too close distance.

For thousands of families across the country this is a real barking dog problem nightmare. Barking dog complaints are one of the leading nuisance calls police and animal controls deal with on a nightly basis. The neighbor who is unaware and the neighbor who is sleep deprived often bump heads to the point that a situation not unlike the Hatfields and McCoy’s arises.

Feuds of epic proportion have been derived from barking bulldogs and howling hounds. Now before ideas involving violence, kidnapping, or moving to another state transpire into a course of action let’s see what courses of actions can be taken! Legally of course!

Many states, cities and townships have laws relating to barking dog problems. Many of these laws center around the barking being considered a nuisance. The main issue is proven that your neighbors dog is an actual nuisance and that you are not just the worlds lightest sleeper. Dogs will be dogs and the argument is that dogs being dogs requires them to bark on occasion.

Generally the police, or animal control will show up, causing the animals to bark even more at the uniform strangers broaching the subject of it’s annoyance to it’s owners. Due to this fact many dog owners are merely asked to keep their dog quiet. Some neighbors oblige and the sheer embarrassment of the authorities at their door will rush them to a plan of action to cease the racket caused by their pet and barking dog problem.

However, there are another segment of neighbors who deem this a griping, complaining neighbor and will just ignore the police all together! Once your towns finest drive away the barking continues and your sleepiness night from a barking dog problem continues along with it.

Before you feel completely helpless we want to explain some ways to help you prove that the barking dogs behavior is a little more than annoying. Some cities and states make it easy by implementing laws that say dogs are not aloud to bark after a certain time. Some are as late as ten o’clock at night while others are as early as seven! No barking dogs, running law mowers, or overall clad yard husbands banging hammers are allowed after a certain time of the evening!

For those of us that don’t necessarily have such restricting laws in our favor there are a number of ways we can prove a nuisance. The first is through recording the barking for a period of time into the night. Show a clock and the date to prove that the barking lasted for a specific duration of time and over a period of days. I recommend recording the barking from inside your bedroom.

Video works just as well and can show the proximity of the dog to your home. I also like if possible to show the dogs barking up until the police arrive and the amount of time passed before the dog continues barking again. The stronger your case in proving that the dog is a nuisance the more likely the behavior will be rectified.

Now what could happen to a pet owner who owns a dog that is proven to be a neighborhood problem? Fines can range from fifty dollars up to five thousand dollars! The charges can be a notice ordinance violation, or a charge of disturbing the peace. The owner will be required to go to court and face a judge.

This definitely can be a rude awakening for a barking dog problem owner. There are ways that they can keep their pet in line with their town laws and out of courtrooms. Crating animals inside the home overnight can help a great deal. Bark collars and noise preventing collars all have stopped some of the most insistent canines from raising a ruckus at the moon.

Training can be effective and the first course of action is to find out why your dog is barking in the first place. Are there stray cats that torment him from atop fences? Another neighbor who jogs at midnight blasting their MP3 player, or a neighbor that constantly arrives home after hours causing your pet to bark as they slam their car door and check the mailbox.

Identifying the cause will go along way in curbing the disruptive behavior. Often the barking becomes an issue only because the dog owner is a heavy sleeper and has become accustomed to the barking and is not themselves disturbed by the noise. In the event that you are able to drown out the repetitive yapping and yipping, the immediate course of action would be to bring the dog inside.

At first a barking dog problem will seem daunting enough that you may feel the need to move away from the problem. Truth be told the lines of communication opening between neighbors can sometimes be enough to achieve a solution.

The barking dog problem doesn’t always need to lead to a smoking gun and with the suburbs growing in the number of homes, but shrinking in the size of land the barking dog problem is one that many families are going to deal with when finding their dream home and having a plan of action in place may prevent you investing in soundproof walls!

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