Bully Pitbulls and American Bully Guard Dogs

American Bully PitBulls
American Bully PitBulls

Bully pitbulls

The beginnings of the American Bully Pitbulls goes back a long time, however it was created very recently in comparison to colby pit bulls that have been around for over 100 years. This wonderful breed was developed around 1995 with the main goal of creating the perfect family companion.  This goal was a complete success because that what the American Bully Pitbulls really are.  They are gentle, stable, confident, happy and outgoing.  If those traits don’t seem to be good enough, they are also very loyal and loving towards their people, and their people consider them to be highly trustworthy.  Since they’re so obedient and still an  intelligent and courageous dog, they still make a super guard dog that won’t let his family down.  He make a perfect loving and affectionate pet for the entire family.

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The stability and loyalty of Bully Pitbulls comes from the UKC American pit bull terrier in him while the temperament of being outgoing is from the AKC American Staffordshire terrier.  With an overwhelming tolerance with children, and in some households, even other dogs, and a extreme desire to please his family, the American Bully has a low aggression, high confidence, and yet a very pleasant temperament.  While with the proper training, they make excellent guard dogs, they are not as aggressive as older bloodlines. He will go out of his way to please his master and family.

Even with all of these gentle qualities, the American Bully is built athletically with defined muscles that prove its’ agility and strength.  Their courage stands above all and if their family or property are threatened, it will fight to the finish if his loving family is threatened or if he is trapped in a corner.  Since the American Bully Pitbulls have a high tolerance for pain, they are not afraid to do what they have to do to win the battle for protection.

Appearance of the American Bully

The appearance and impression of the American Bully is, of course, one of muscle, strength and courage.  He is also considered to be graceful and agile and always aware of his immediate surroundings.  The perfect Bully shape is stocky and never racy looking or with long legs.  These are the first impressions of this dog for anyone looking at them for the first time.  With females basically being smaller than the males, there is still no particular weight requirements for this Bully.

The head of the American Bully Pitbull should be with a broad skull, medium length and deep through,   The cheek muscles should be very pronounced, have a definite stop and always has high set ears.  The ears can be cropped or uncropped depending on the owner’s decision.  Many dog lovers have been avoid cropped ears because they believe that the dogs will suffer with pain and a long healing process, but this is totally up to the breeder and the owner.

The eyes of the Bully may be either round to oval, set very far apart and set low down in the skull.  The color of the eyes can vary and are accepted except for albinism.  The Bully’s muzzle is mainly of medium length.  It can be a little squared that makes it fall away abruptly below the eyes.  The muzzle can also be rounded on the upper side.

The under jaw appears to be strong so that it displays a definite biting power.  The jaws should always be well defined.   The upper teeth will meet outside of the lower teeth tightly in the front.  The scissor bite is also acceptable.  The lips may have some looseness accepted, however, it is more acceptable for them to be close and even.  At least with the nose, all colors are acceptable and all are unique in this beloved Bully.

The neck of Bully Pitbulls should always be of medium length with no looseness of the skin.  It should be arched slightly, heavy, and tapered from the shoulders to the back of the skull.   Muscular and strong shoulders prevail with the blades being sloping and wide.

With these physical and personality traits of the American Bully Pitbulls, you know that this is truly a special animal that will take good care of you and you will be proud to take great care of him. link: