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American Bully Pitbull
One of the foundation dogs of the American Bully Pitbull Bloodline. Westside’s monster (Juan Gotty son).

The American Bully pitbull is a dog that was originated in America in the late 1980’s. They were bred in Los Angeles California (Gottiline), as well as in Virginia (Razors Edge Pit Bulls). Two of the most popular bloodlines are Gottiline and Razors Edge. There are also a number of other American Bully pitbull bloodlines, however these are the most recognized.

The first thing you will notice is the American Bully’s large block shaped head. Sometimes it will look over exaggerated. Almost like a cartoon chartered. However, this is standard with this breed of dog.

Some of the foundation dogs to start the American bully pitbull bloodlines in the Unites States were Juan Gotty (Foundation Stud of Gottiline), Raider 2 who was Juan Gotty’s Sire, and Calle Love who was Juan Gotty’s dam. Westside’s Monster also played a key role in the early foundation of Gottliline and greyline dogs. He is direct a Juan Gotty son. He is a perfect example of the ideal American Bully Pitbull. While some of the dog’s you see today are a bit more extreme, the majority of the show winners have a very similar structure to him.

Some of the foundation dogs that you see in many razors edge pit bulls are Razors edge purple rose of Cairo, Sadey’s Paddington, and Throwin’ Knuckles among a number of other American Bully pitbull studs.

The American Bully Pitbull derived solely from the American Pit Bull Terrier using line breeding techniques to achieve the look that you see today. While there is a certain amount of controversy surrounding their origin, the majority of American bullies derived solely from the American pit bull. Their ancestors can be traced back over 100 years.

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The structure of the American Bully Pitbull is short, wide, and stocky with a large block shaped head. They have the look of a ripped athlete with thick bone, short muzzles, and wide eye separation. The majority of them have cropped ears, however it isn’t held against them in competitions if their ears are natural. They have a short hair coat and are in all colors. Their colors include blue, red, pie bald, black, black and white, blue tri (Fawn, blue, and white), fawn, as well as blue and white, red and while, champagne, fawn and white, and black tri color (Black, fawn, and white).

Breed flaws would include an over or under bite, long hair coat, kinked tails, merle, as well as an east and west foot stance. These are considered major flaws and would automatically disqualify the majority of dogs in American Bully pitbull competitions.

They are naturally a very smart breed that is easy to train. Since this breed is naturally very friendly, it would be recommended to take them to a professional trainer if you are using them as a protection dog. Keep in mind, you are responsible for your dog at all times. If you train them for protection work, you must make sure they are trained by a professional. Basic obedience training can be done from the comfort of your home. The earlier you start, the better. American Bully pitbull owners should start training their dogs as early as 7 weeks old.

Gottiline's Dax
Gottiline’s Dax. Dax is a great example of the new style of the American Bully Pitbull. He is a 100% gottiline bred dog who’s ancestors include 21blackjack (One of the foundation dogs of gottiline) and Romeo. As you can see, his structure is more extreme than the original foundation dogs. This is due to many generations of selective line breeding to achieve the look that the breeder wanted.

Currently the American Bully Pitbull is registered as American Pit Bull Terriers under the United Kennel Kingdom. They can also be registered under the ABKC as well (American Bully Kennel Club). These days, you can find these dogs throughout the entire world. The majority of these dogs are bred in the United States by various breeders.

Table Of Contents:

  • American Bully Pitbull History
  • Dog Supplements
  • Breed Structure
  • The American Bullies temperament
  • Flaws and Show Disqualifications

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Ed Shepherd’s Famous American Bully Pitbull Dax

One of the top Gottiline Breeders in the world is Ed Shepherd in California. He became famous when his dog 21 blackjack became a champion and a proven producer. Now, he has a line of dogs known as Daxline. This line is based on his foundation dog, “DAX”.  This stud is one of the most sought after American Bully dogs in the world. He is Ed’s idea of the ideal extreme pocket pits.

Located in Sunny Southern California, Ed Shepherd has established a worldwide recognized name breeding American Bullies since 2001. Ed is the Original Gottyline, owner of Champion Gottyline’s 21 BlackJack, the first dog registered with UKC as Gottyline and the winner of most dog shows in the history of the Gottyline bloodline.