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dax line dax American bully stud
Daxline’s famous American bully stud “Dax”. Owned by Ed Shepherd in CA.

The American bully dog breed of today comes from the selective cross breeding of the American pit bull terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier. The breeders wanted to create a dog that harnessed the best qualities of those two breeds, mainly their strong look and good family pet characteristics, while leaving behind the dog aggressive tendencies. In only 20 years since first bred, the American bully has become what their breeders were hoping for; a good strong looking family pet.

Ancestry of the American Bully Breed

The common perception of the ancestors of the American bully, that are often referred to as the pit bull breeds, is that they are mean and aggressive. This perception is half true and half propaganda. The original pit bull breeds were used to literally bait bulls for sport. When that became illegal, they were bred and trained to fight other dogs for sport. Therefore, it is true that aggression towards other dogs was bred into pit bulls.

It is however, a misconception that they were also bred to be aggressive towards people. This is untrue in the history of these breeds. When in a fighting ring, the human handler was right there with the dog. Biting the people in the ring was not a desirable trait. In truth, pit bull dogs were bred specifically to be loyal to, in tune with, and friendly towards all people, while at the same time having the drive to fight other dogs. These people friendly traits gave rise to the creation of the American bully as its own breed.

Temperament of Today’s American Bully Breed

The temperament of the American bully brings the best of the bully breed to the forefront. They should be friendly to the entire family, including the kids and strangers, and overall gentle happy dogs. They make a great family pet for these traits.  They should not have any dog fighting tendencies, aggressive traits, or shyness. Such negative personality traits actually disqualify them from breed shows.

A standard ABKC Dog – Shown here practicing some standard show stacking with owner Marco Suarez.

According to the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC), the American bully, “should give the impression of great strength for its size.” They are small but powerful looking dogs. The head and shoulders are wide and they will have well defined muscles throughout their body. The standard height is 16 to 20 inches. Their fur should be straight, short, and shiny.

In addition to the standard American bully, the ABKC also recognizes the pocket bully, XL bully, extreme bully, and classic bully. These are all variations on the standard bully breed standards. The pocket bully is shorter than the standard at less than 17 inches for males and 16 inches for females. The XL bully is taller, measuring 20 to 23 inches for males and 19 to 22 inches for females. The extreme bully is heavier looking with a wider head and shoulders. Extreme American bully dogs look like a cross between a bulldog and the standard bully. The classic American bully is thinner, making it appear taller. However, the classic American bullies measure the same in height as the standard American bully.

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As of 2013, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not yet recognize the American Bully as a breed. This is because the breed is still relatively new, only first bred in 1990, and does not yet meet the AKC’s criteria to be included as a breed. Instead, American Bully dogs are usually registered with the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC). The ABKC’s current goal is to represent all bully breeds in addition to the American Bully. The ABKC also registers the olde English bulldogge, shorty bull, American bulldog, old Roman bulldog, English bulldog, and the French bulldog. The United Canine Association (UCA) also registers the American bully.

Finding an American Bully Dog

Dogs true to the American bully standard are not commonly found throughout the U.S. You can more easily find them in the Western and Eastern states. Although, their popularity as good family pets is gaining. If you are interested in finding an American bully dog for your family, you can find breeders through the ABKC and UCA. When choosing one for your family, keep in mind that having the right temperament is as important as how the dog looks

Do you think all pit bulls are the same?  Think again.  Bred for different purposes, there are several bloodlines that have been developed.  Among the most popular is the Razor’s Edge bloodline developed by Dave Wilson in the 1980’s.

dave-wilson-razors-edge-kennelsAn Overview of the Razor’s Edge Line of Pit Bulls

By Melissa Murphy

Developed by dog breeder, Dave Wilson, the Razor’s Edge line of pit bull dogs is distinctive from other pit bull bloodlines.  Back in the 1980’s, Wilson had a vision to develop a line of pit bulls that had the stamina and strength of the original pit bull breed coupled with the gentle manner and calm personality of the American Staffordshire terriers.  He wanted to emphasize temperament and athleticism over conformation for showmanship.  But this endeavor would not be easy.  At the time that Dave Wilson began his quest to make a mark on the pit bull breed, there were already several well-established pit bloodlines.  Each line had been developed to demonstrate unique characteristics and distinctive qualities, but Dave had something very different in mind.

Obtaining Breeding Stock

To the amateur eye, pit bulls might appear to look quite similar.  But Dave’s trained eye and undaunted vision for improving the breed gave him the ammunition he needed to meet his goals.  Dave traveled across the country from dog breeder to dog breeder looking for just the right qualities in breeding stock.  With the right dogs, Dave planned to develop a unique spin on pit bulls that was his own idea of what man’s best friend should look like.  He envisioned a shorter, squattier specimen that had a compact snout and a big chest.  Dave was also fond of the blue color.  The process was arduous but, over time, Dave was able to create his model pit bull – the Razor’s Edge.  By 1990, Dave Wilson’s dream had become reality and the popularity of Razor’s Edge bullies was on the rise.

Traits of the Razor’s Edge Pit Bull

Various lines of pit bulls are bred for a number of desirable traits such as size, strength, disposition, color, etc.  And the Razor’s Edge variety is no different.  There is great demand for puppies in the Razor’s Edge bloodline and for good reason.  This variety is known for many sough-after characteristics such as genial demeanor, conform-ability, and the capacity to socialize with people and other companion pets.  Because of these qualities, Razor’s Edge bullies make excellent family pets.  However, this particular line may lack the necessary traits for show standards.

Today, when people talk about the pit bull terrier, they usually picture a dog in the Razor’s Edge line.  In fact, this line has served as the foundation for the development of several other bully bloodlines.  Recognized, reputed, and renowned all over the world, a Razor’s edge pit will never disappoint.

Razors Edge Pit Bull Pictures:


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