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miagi american bully breeders
One of the most famous American Bully Breeders produced this awesome dog known as Mr. Miagi.

When you’re looking at getting a purebred pit bull like an American Bully, it’s important to ensure the American Bully breeder you’re looking at is reputable so your dog will not come with any inherited behavioral conditions or antisocial behaviors that started young. This is one of the best ways to make sure you’re starting with a “clean slate” and a puppy that is inclined towards being happy and healthy.

Choosing the best American Bully breeders can be hard, though! If you aren’t familiar with any breeders, you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed by options. Here are some tips to help you find the best breeders in your area.

Choosing the right line of dogs.

You will need to know what style of bully you want when searching for the right American Bully breeders. If you are looking for something that looks exotic and extreme, you would be best off with a dog from a breeder that breeds kurupt blood, or has dogs like Mr. Miagi in their pedigree. These type of bullies have a very extreme and exaggerated look to them.

If you still prefer the look of the American Bully and don’t want a line as extreme as these, it’s recommended to find a dog that stays true to the standard of the ABKC. These dogs mainly consist of Razors Edge dogs. Dogs that you will find in these pedigrees would consist of Lil Ro (Owned by Dave Wilson), Sampson from Devils Den, Cario, Razors Edge Manu and Devil’s Den Viper to name a few.

If you prefer the look of bullies, and still want a dog with the original APBT temperament, Remyline Pit Bulls would be the route to take. These dogs have a great deal of drive and energy and would work great with protection training and dog sports such as weight pulling for dogs.

If you prefer a taller and more traditional style American pit bull terrier, it’s recommended to go with bloodline such as the colby pit bull bloodline, or gator.

american bullies abkc pit bulls
American ABKC Bully Pit Bulls are commonly blue nose dogs. However they range in all colors. The blue nose pitbull stud shown above is known as Panic from the Kurupt Blooline.

Make sure you feel comfortable with them.
One of the top priorities when choosing an American Bully breeder should be your comfort. You need to make sure you choose a breeder you feel comfortable talking to, interacting with, asking questions of, and so on. If you don’t, you could find yourself with no idea why a puppy is acting strangely or no idea what kind of temperament the parents had. Breeders are supposed to educate and ensure their puppies are going to good homes, so they will ask you questions and they expect you to ask questions in return. They shouldn’t be rude or harsh when they talk to you.

Your breeder should know their dogs.
Every family is looking for something a little different in an American bully. Some want a dog that is playful, others want a quiet and well-behaved dog. How you treat the dog will naturally affect the personality it develops, but even young puppies display distinct characteristics, and trying to get an overactive and excitable puppy to be a calm, powerful guard dog will take much longer. The laid-back and calm dogs should go to people with young children and older people first, but you should have a chance at one.

Weaning too early is not a good sign.
Puppies that are weaned too early may have security or food problems later in life. Your breeder shouldn’t say they wean puppies before five weeks of age at least, and possibly up to eight weeks. A lot should depend on the mother dog and when the mother decides her puppies are ready to be weaned, they should be weaned. Forcing them to be weaned before a month of age is not a good sign for your puppy’s development.

They should vaccinate their puppies.
All puppies need vaccinations, and your breeder should vaccinate appropriately. Some vaccinations to listen for include hepatitis, parvo, distemper, bordetella, flu, lept o, or Corona. The breeder may take puppies to a vet or purchase the vaccinations and do it themselves. Ask when they vaccinate, too, to make sure they have a set schedule and won’t forget.

Ask when you will get the puppy.
Breeders should never tell you that you will get your puppy when it is under eight weeks old. It should depend on the puppy and mother, and they shouldn’t have a set schedule whereby you know you will get your puppy at a certain time. Ten to sixteen weeks is a comfortable age range, though older puppies are also just fine – they are likely more stable and ready to bond with you. You may also consider an older puppy that was not placed from another litter and is anywhere between four months to nine months old – they will still bond with you quickly and are already past the non-housetrained, non-obedient puppy stage.

ABKC american bully
The Kurupt Line of Pit bulls breeds extreme American Bullies as shown with this female.

Your breeder should know the pedigree.
If you have any questions about the temperament of the mother and father, the bloodlines and pedigree, and previous dogs that have gone into competitions or shows, you can ask your breeder. They should be familiar with all their dogs and be able to talk about previous adoptions, parenting, pedigree testing, and so on. They will probably tell you about it first, but if they don’t, feel free to ask. This goes back to the first and most important point: you should be comfortable asking your breeder anything, even a question you might feel is silly.

The best American Bully breeders are patient no matter whether you have never owned a dog or have owned plenty of bulldogs before. They are there to raise the puppy and make sure it integrates into your family so that the puppy is healthy and happy and everyone in the family is safe and pleased with the lifetime of love ahead. Make sure you choose the right breeder so you’re setting yourself and your puppy up for success.

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