American Bullies and Razors Edge Pitbulls

American Bullies and Razors Edge Pitbulls

Remyline American BulliesAmerican Bullies are a dog breed that were created in the late 80’s to mid 1990’s by dog breeders in the United States. Though they are direct decedents from the pit bulls that you see today, they do not hold to the same confirmation standards as the the original American Pit Bull Terrier such as the colby pit bull.

The most popular dog registry for the American Bullies is the ABKC. This abbreviation is for the American Bully Kennel Club. The American Bully Kennel Club was created in 1990 and gained recognition as well as establishment in 2004. The A.B.K.C. is a registry specializing in Bully breeds and is not limited to just the American Bully. However, it is the most popular dog breed within it’s registry.

The first ABKC grand champion was Pokemon. Pokemon’s pedigree consisted of Remy Marin (His sire) as well as Nyla (His dam that was bred by new troijan kennels in Los Angeles California). He is a awesome display of the American bully with an extreme head shape and size, as well as a compact and muscular frame. The first ABKC grand champion female as a dog by the name of Xica.

One of the more recent ABKC champions is a dog by the name of Dax. Gottiline Dax is owned by Ed Shepherd in California. Dax is more of what you would call an extreme bully. Ed is also the owner of the dog “21 Blackjack”. Blackjack was a key foundation dog for the gottiline bloodline and he can be found is just about every gottiline pedigree you see today. Ed Shepherd and his dog 21 Blackjack played a key role in developing the Gottiline bloodline. Furthermore, Roger from West Coast Gottiline is the owner of 21 Blackjack’s brother “Black Ace”. West Coast Gottiline is another example of a breeder that plays a large part in breeding the American Bullies that you see today. link:

There are many different bloodlines within the American Bully dogs. A bloodline is created by taking two dogs, each of them from different breeders. They are then bred to create a new line. In order to gain recognition for a new bloodline, much work is needed. In order to establish a bloodline, years of selective line breeding is required. Ideally a breeder would have a specific look, structure, and temperament in mind when creating a line. Health tests should be done on all breeding stock to avoid breeding dogs with genetic defects. Though not required, it is also a good idea to enter your dogs into shows in order to gain recognition that you are breeding dogs that are show worthy.

The American bullies temperament is non aggressive. Any human aggression during competitions is an automatic disqualification. Since these dogs are not used for fighting, there is no reason to breed aggressive traits into these lines of dogs. Many America bully owners promote the breed in a very positive fashion in order to break down negative stereotypes that are associated the pit bulls (The American bullies relatives). You can find bully puppies for salethroughout the US. However, it’s recommended to research each individual kennel thoroughly.

Shown Above is the first Grand Champion ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) show dog “Pokemon”. Pokemon’s bloodline consists of Razors Edge Pitbulls as well as New Troijan Dogs.

ABKC Structure and Standards of American Bullies
American Bullies should display great strength for it’s size. The look is similar of a ripped and powerful athlete. They are medium to large size dogs with large block shaped heads and muscular frames. They should be alert to their surroundings and have the appearance of large bone structure with a stocky build and look.

The head structure should be medium in length with a strong jaw and cheek muscles. The muzzle should appear short and wide as well with a very broad skull. The eye separation should be set wide and round in shape.The Ears may be cropped or natural. However, the vast majority of American Bullies display cropped ears. The teeth should have a scissor bite. Any over or under bite is frowned upon. Any color nose is acceptable. Their lip may have some loose skin if they are a more extreme version of the American Bully, however the tighter skin is required for medium size dogs. Their hair coat on their head is short and shiny.

Their neck should be wide and slightly arched. Some loose skin is acceptable with more extreme bullies, but tighter skin would be required with the medium size dogs. Shoulders are muscular with shoulder blades being wide set.

Their back should be short from nose to tail. Higher rears are not desirable with medium size American Bullies. Also, high rears should be minimal with the extreme and XL size dogs.

Faults to be penalized but not disqualifications for showing are: Overshot or Undershot bite. Pink or albino eyes. Severe turn to rears or fronts. Twisted, long, kinked, overly short, knotted, or curled tails. Cryptorchidism-undesended testicle

DISQUALIFICATIONS in ABKC show dog events:
Displaying or possessing aggressive behavior towards humans

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