American Bulldogs Frequent Asked Questions About the Breed

american bulldog swimming
An American bulldog swimming. Bulldogs are a breed that needs to stay cool in the summer time to avoid heat strokes. Swimming is a great way to exercise your dog and keep them fresh at the same time.

American Bulldogs Frequent Asked Questions About the Breed

Question: Why do American Bulldogs have red eyes?

Answer: The red that you see on under a bulldog’s eyes is strictly genetics and nothing to cause worry. However, if your dog’s real eye gets red eyes or is very sensitive to dirt, pollen, or certain types of plants, a vet may recommend either anti-inflammatory medication through spring and summer or anti- histamine shots if they get awful.

Question: Why do American Bulldogs shed?

Answer: Yes, they do and their fur is very short, but they do shed year round and even more so during changing seasons. There may not be as much fur to clean up as with other breeds since they don’t have a very thick undercoat, however, if you are looking to add this breed to your family be prepared to do some sweeping!

Question: Why do American Bulldogs have webbed feet?

Answer: American Bulldogs have webbed feet due to genetics.  Its familiar with the breed and nothing to cause concern. With sure bulldogs, when applying pressure to their paws, they may appear to have webbing like a duck.

Question: Where do American bulldogs come from?

The original Bulldog came to America by working-class immigrants. When they moved to America, they wanted to be sure to bring their working dogs. Small time farmers and ranchers greatly benefited from these Bulldogs. They were used for many tasks on the farms such as farm guard dogs, stock dogs, and catch dogs. These dogs were a primary generic bulldog type. There were no specific decisions made when breeding. Dog Breeders mainly used any of these generic bulldogs to create a breed based on their best working dog characteristics.

However, by the end of World War II, these generic Bulldogs and their strains were starting to become extinct. When John D. Johnson found this out, he decided to bring back the breed. He searched for a variety of Bulldogs with the best traits and began recording their pedigrees and family trees. Johnson’s primary goal was to create a Bulldog that was a massive sized farm guardian dog, much like the Bulldogs of older generations. Alan Scott joined him in this quest and began to breed American Bulldogs carefully. In the beginning, Johnson and Scott had similar ideas of the perfect American Bulldog. However, over time, their visions began to part ways for what they believed the ideal American Bulldog should be. This split resulted in two very different and distinct types of American Bulldogs. John Johnson preferred a massively large dog with a shorter muzzle that acted more as a guardian type of dog. Alan Scott decided to create a smaller, more athletic and fit dog with a more extended muzzle that would be used for cattle catching and wild boar hunting. As time went on, both Johnson and Scott, along with other skilled breeders of different breeds, began creating their idea of the perfect working Bulldog.

Questions: Do American bulldogs drool a lot?

Answer: Yes, American Bulldogs, as well as most bulldogs, do droll. However, they do not droll as excessively as English Bulldogs.

Question: Do American bulldogs like to swim?

Answer: While not every bulldog has the same temperament, the majority of them enjoy the water.

American Bulldog History

American Bulldogs are a breed of dog bred for cattle catching and wild boar hunting. As with most dog breeds these days, they are more commonly used as a family pet.  They are excellent family dogs with temperaments that are very tolerable to children. If you are looking to add an American Bulldog Puppy to your family, there are some quality bulldog breeders in the USA you can find.

The American Bulldog breed is specifically a domestic dog. This breed of dog can be broken down into three different types: the Bully or Classic type (also known as the Johnson type), the Standard or Performance type (also known as the Scott type), and the Hybrid type. The Johnson type and Scott type are named after the breeders who were most influential in developing those types of breeds. John D. Johnson influenced the Bully type, and Alan Scott changed the Standard.  The American Bulldogs stem from a working type bulldog found in the Southern and Midwestern parts of the United States. These working type bulldogs were working on ranches and farms. History shows that many other breeds may have affected the outcome of the American Bulldog breed including breeds like Boxers, Saint Bernards, Pointers, and English Bulldog puppies.

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The original name of the breed was called the American Pit Bulldog and was even registered with the National Kennel Club under that name in the 1970s. However, the breed was later renamed the American Bulldog to avoid confusion with the American Pit Bull Terrier breed. The United Kennel Club recognized the American Bulldog in January 1999. This breed of dog is currently recognized by the National Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club, and the American Bulldog Association. The American Bulldog is now thriving and increasing in popularity. You can see them playing the role of a working and protecting the dog or also as a family pet. They are now safe from extinction, compared to the breed’s past threat of disappearance.

The American Bulldog has a very distinct appearance. This breed of dog is a well-built, stocky, muscular dog with a huge head, mighty jaws, and an impressively muscular build. The American Bulldog’s coat is short and typically very smooth, causing it to be a lighter shedder. The traditional coat color of the American Bulldog is mostly white with patches of brindle or red. However, recently, the colors of this breed’s coat has grown to include a variety of color patterns such as red, fawn, brown, and all shades of brindle. Occasionally, blue, tri color, tan, and black colored coats are seen. However, these coat colors are considered undesirable by most breed standards. Black pigmentation of the nose and eye rims is often seen on this breed. American Bulldogs usually have brown eye color, but split eyes, where one eye is blue, and one is brown, has also been seen.

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Structure and weight of the breed.

A known fact about bulldogs is that they are droolers and the American Bulldog is no exception. It is most often seen in the Bully type of American Bulldogs, which is usually a more massive, bigger dog with a short muzzle. The Standard or Performance type of American Bulldogs have longer muzzles with a more athletic built. However, many of the more modern American Bulldogs are a combination of both the Bully type and the Standard type, creating the Hybrid type. The average weight of the American Bulldog is about 60 to 120 pounds. They range from about 20 to 28 inches at the withers. However, American Bulldogs that are not working dogs have been known to exceed these standards significantly.

American Bulldog’s Temperament.

The temperament of the American Bulldog is often seen as generally social and active. They are typically very confident and are known to be extremely comfortable with their families. They share an intense bond with their owners. As a young American Bulldog, this breed is often shy and standoffish around strangers. As they grow older and mature, the American Bulldog builds extreme confidence. With children, the American Bulldog breed can act appropriately around them as long as they are trained and socialized together early on, so they understand their limits. It is essential to practice proper training techniques with this breed and to interact them with other dogs, animals, and people. If this be done correctly, you will be more likely to have complete control over this breed in their natural environment and places unfamiliar to them. This early training is essential for the American Bulldog breed’s well being. The best way to start this practice is by taking them for walks regularly around local parks.

Their History as a working breed.

This type of breed has a history of working as a farm dog that could catch wild boar and cattle, kill vermin, and guard its owner’s property. Some American Bulldogs tend to be extremely protective of their owners and therefore, aggression is not uncommon with this breed. However, as long as you train your Bulldog early on and socialize it with other animals and people, this breed of dog has potential to be a fantastic family pet.

Breed health and Lifespan.

The American Bulldog breed has an average lifespan of about 10 to 16 years. Overall, their health tends to be strong. Being so physically active prevents this breed from having too many serious health problems. However, some health issues have been sending in the American Bulldog breed. Health problems that are common to the general population of American Bulldogs include Hip Dysplasia, Cherry Eye, Elbow Dysplasia, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, Ichthyosis, ACL tears, disorders of the kidney and thyroid, Entropion, Bone Cancer, and Ectropion. To screen breeding animals for Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis and Ichthyosis, there is DNA test available to help breeders.

There are a few other health issues that are associated with the American Bulldogs but are often only found within specific genetic lines and are not seen overall with the entire breed. It is essential to keep your American Bulldog on a healthy diet high in protein, with quality carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Because of their size and muscular build, these critical items in their diet are essential. In 2010, the American Bulldog was awarded the title as the best breed of the decade. With its friendly and social personality, along with its high, hardworking ethics, it is easy to understand why.

This breed has a variety of well-rounded personality traits and unique characteristics that make it easy for an owner to fall in love. As long as you train and take care of your Bulldog correctly, you are right on track to owning one of the best pets of the decade.

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