ABKC – American Bullies and the Pit Bull Community

ABKC: The American Bully Pit bull enthusiast community

If you have been a pit bull owner for very long, you probably know that there is a dedicated community of pit bull owners known as the ABKC. Online forums, chat groups, local meeting and dog socialization groups, and more resources exist for everyone from breeders to those adopting their first pit bull. With the wealth of information available online, why are these organizations still so prevalent?

There are plenty of reasons why organizations like the ABKC are essential and will stay relevant as the breed develops a better reputation and new breeders switch to other breeds. American Bullies might be a trend, but some people are lifelong breed fans. Here are some reasons why we need the American Bully Kennel Club and like groups.

kurupt blood panic american bully
Famous ABKC dog known as panic from the Kurupt bloodlines, a genuinely extreme American bully and well sought after stud dog.

Helps people meet other breed fans.
While everyone can agree that a poodle is cute, many people are still biased against pit bulls. If you have ever found yourself arguing with someone and telling them that your dog is friendly despite its breed reputation, you know why it is essential to have people who understand the frustration of owning a breed with this reputation around you! You can swap stories, share techniques, and truly appreciate each other’s dogs in ways that friends and family might not.

Helps raise awareness of friendly American Bullies.
Every maligned breed tends to attract clubs that raise awareness of high breed ambassadors because these dogs are often misunderstood. Clubs can help people understand the significant aspects of these dogs and realize just how occasional outbursts of violence are. They can dispel myths around American Bullies and inform people more reliably than overblown media statistics. They make the difference between game dogs – bred for fighting and aggression – and other dogs clear, and educate the public that American Bullies have been carefully bred so that aggression is not shown anymore.

ABKC american bully
Another impressive display of power, strength, and grace. This American Bully “Loosey Lui” from the Kurupt Bloodline is just as about as extreme and bully as they get.

Sets breed standards and hold people to them.

If you’re not sure whether a breeder is legitimate, you can ask them about their relationship with the club and whether they have shown dogs in these events. They have a registry that can tell you a lot about a dog and the breeder selling it, and they help people understand what is required for a dog to be classified as an American Bully. Whether you’re wondering if your dog counts as a pocket dog or a standard, their breed standards are freely available online.

Their Code of Ethics is integral.
The breed community is held to the Code of Ethics of the Kennel Club because it is comprehensive and covers some critical points. For example, the Code of Ethics (which is freely available on their website) states that the breed is more important than financial interest, that members will try to educate wherever possible, and that members will provide adequate veterinary care.

bullycampline mr miyagi
Bullycampline Mr Miyagi has been surrounded by much controversy. However, ABKC American bully breeders are still lining up around the block for a chance to use this stud to breed into their line of dogs.

More than just exhibitions.
While exhibitions and shows are essential so that people can see the developments in the breed, meet dogs that could potentially be studs later on, and socialize, the American Bully Kennel Club provides more critical functions. They help ensure that people don’t sell bully puppies to disreputable breeders or puppy mills, don’t falsify pedigrees, and don’t resell dogs.  It helps keep new owners from buying dogs from people whose only interest is resale for a profit. When you deal directly with the breeder, you can find out everything you need to know about a dog.

build muscle in dogsThough it might seem like the wealth of information available on any particular breed makes organizations like the ABKC irrelevant, the opposite is true. In a time when people are becoming uncertain about what American Bullies are, whether they are pit bulls, how to find reputable breeders, or what the breed standards are, these organizations can help educate and inform people. It unites breed owners and gathers expertise so that more accurate and reliable information can be given at any opportunity to the public, new owners, and would-be breeders.

If you are a new owner, it might seem overwhelming to get involved with these organizations right off the bat. It’s a great decision to join the club, however. You will be able to interact with people in your area or internationally who care about the breed, want to help you, and are willing to provide a wealth of information and advice. You can learn far more about the dog you just bought or adopted and how to best take care of them. Bully owners are, as a whole, very supportive and welcoming, and will be able to help you learn the ropes so you can take the best care of your dog possible.

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