Dogs Wet Nose

The Love of a Dogs Wet Nose

dogs wet noseThe love between man and dog is long documented. Whether in books, film or folklore, if a person has never owned a dog they are viewed as an oddball. They have missed out on one of the most satisfying relationships a person could experience when it comes to a dogs wet nose.

After all a dog never judges, never betrays you, is loyal to a fault, and who else is going to run for help if you just happen to fall into a well in the middle of an open field. The desire to experience what Timmy and Lassie experienced is the driving force in pursuing and wanting dogs. I mean television shows there is no better listener than a dog, no better bodyguard, no better conversation starter than a dog, who doesn’t like a good dog! We are almost programmed to want to create our own bond with mans best friend.

In the twenty first century the love for the cold dogs wet nose and warm hearted is further embedded into our conscience by the media and advertising of no house being complete without a dog meeting them at the front door. The ability to own a dog has become easier than in the past. Why? Because finding a dog for a persons particular living situation is easier than ever.

I mean let’s face it regardless of whether you are living in a one bedroom studio apartment, or a mansion in Beverly Hills there is a breed of dog for you. Little dogs, big dogs, furry dogs, bald dogs, pretty dogs or ugly dogs. Whatever you desire, rub the magic lamp (marked Google) and your future best friend, baby sitter, life partner, or just matching accessory can be found and had for the right price.

Don’t have a yard, no problem get a crate, any color you want, maybe one that looks like a piece of furniture will suit you better! Live in a condo with marble floors, no problem carry your pet in a designer handbag, work twelve hour days, no problem enroll your Saint Bernard in doggy day care! The excuses to not own a dog, have rapidly been removed by businesses that profit off of dogs. It’s easier than ever to own your very own Lassie in the world, all you have to do is find the right collar, or so it would seem.

Now let’s not forget that the true motivation in owning a dog generally comes from the bright red organ that pumps blood through our bodies when it’s not making us fall head over heels in love. Love, it’s the word and emotion that generally pushes individuals from being rational pet owners to over indulgent, pet humanizing, hoarders when the extreme is met by the magical four legged word. Love is what drives the stories and memories of our past pets when discussing them with friends, neighbors, co workers, or just strangers walking their own memory makers down the street. It’s the emotion of cause and also often the emotion of affect of a dogs wet nose.

So it’s easy to love a dogs wet nose and not become a breeder. Well, it is and it isn’t, once you fall in love with a particular type of dog, a style of dog a breed of dog, things change. See its human nature for a person to cheer for their favorite sport team, favorite performer, or favorite contestant on a reality show.

When it comes to a dogs wet nose, once you find your breed you can become a crazed fan very quickly. It’s starts off subtle enough, you research your breed of choice, learn a few facts that impress your friends and family. It then changes to conversations about what makes the breed better than other dogs, how smart they are, how loyal, how fast they run, to what celebrity also owns your breed of choice.

You are not full out crazy, in fact your friends and family or pretty happy that you are so passionate. It makes buying Christmas and birthday presents rather easy. Anything with a dachshund on it will appease Aunt Gertrude! What a Bassett Hound coffee mug! You shouldn’t have! Where did you ever find a pair of Norwegian Elkhound bedroom slippers? Love them!

Suddenly, sometimes quite suddenly you change from loving your pet and it’s brethren to full out crazed individual! Suddenly the bedroom slippers aren’t enough! You now have coffee mugs, tee shirts, overcoats, posters, bumper stickers that insult parents of humans, and if you’ve really kicked over the bucket of sanity you have multiple tattoos declaring your breeds supremacy!

It fails to dawn on the crazed breed enthusiast that cousin Raheem may not want to wear a pastel green Irish Setter tee shirt that reads, “Kiss me I’m Irish”, on his first day of high school. Or that the Shit-Poo briefcase may not go over well at your brother in laws next business meeting.

The steps taken from doggy love, to breed obsessed are very small indeed. One wrong turn, or one conversation with a less intelligent, experienced individual is normally what changes Labrador loving Lucy, to Hound Hoading Harriet.

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of dog owners in the world that never breed, but the call to love and reproduce is strong. After all you love your pet, you love the breed, and after all they are purebred they will be carbon copies of what their Wikipedia descriptions say they should be. This deep seeded love and dog adoration is how we as humans end up with multiple dog households, before we end up with multiple income households. However, in the words of a famous R&B song love doesn’t cost a thing, and in regards to dogs how could anything be more true when it comes to the love from a dogs wet nose.

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