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6 Tips For Successful Potty Training A Puppy

Potty training a puppy is really important and the sooner you begin with this tasks the better for you. Potty training is not really difficult as it looks like. All you have to understand in potty training is the need of your pet. Potty training puppies are not able to fully control himself till he is about four months old. During this time there will be accidents at home but you will have to show patience. Do not get angry or discourage your puppy in any way.

A lot of dedication is required when potty training puppies. Do not lose heart you will soon be successful. If you want to achieve results in a specified time then you have to follow proper instructions. The day you understand the technicalities of potty training a puppy you will be able to deal with your stress. If you are inconsistent with your training or lose your cool easily, it will prolong the training. You acknowledge that you want to end the accidents at home soon. Following are six tips that will help in speeding the process of your potty training a puppy.

  • For potty training a puppy, make him sleep in his kennel or crate. Young pups hate to sleep in soiled places and they have a better control over themselves during the night if they are in their own bed.
  • Scold your puppy only if you catch him doing an accident. You have to understand that your puppy is not able to relate between discipline and their accident.
  • For potty training puppies during their first two months, you can use scented diapers for dogs. The perfume from these pads will encourage your puppy to relieve himself in the pads. Then slowly you can take these pads outside the door after a few days. Then finally take the pad outside, so your puppy will go outside and relieve himself.
  • Make a routine if you desire potty training a puppy. Take your puppy outside right after their food, before bed and when they wake up. This will get your dog into a routine of relieving himself only during those times.
  • Always keep a check on the food and water intake of your dog. If you are going outside, then do not leave food and water near your dog. The food and water intake of your puppy depends upon the environment of the city your live in and you obviously do not want the little one to get dehydrated. Do not feed your puppy water few hours before his bedtime. This way you will avoid accidents.
  • Spend a lot of time with them because these are his growing years and you want to understand his cues and when he needs to relieve himself. Potty training puppies are also a way to build your relationship with your puppy. Potty training is not a fun exercise and you have to have a lot of patience.

In the end, for potty training puppies you can use key words like “potty time” etc. to make him understand. Properly clean-up all the accidents in the house and it should not leave any smell in the background. Because the left over smell can trigger your pup to go in the same place and perform another accident. Reward him if he gets it right, never scold your pup!



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