6 Simple Tips for Taking Better Pictures of Your Dog

how to dog photos
How to take the perfect dog photos

Most dog owners love to show off their dogs.  Whether you’re taking instagram photographs with your iphone, or just snapping a few quick shots for your Pit Bull Facebook page, you want to make sure everyone knows that your dog is a part of your life.  However, getting your dog to pose for those pictures isn’t always easy.  Active and energetic dogs don’t always like to stay still long enough to catch that perfect shot. Fortunately, there are several tricks you can use to take photos that are worthy of posting.  Here are five simple tips for taking better pictures of your dog:

TAKING SCREENSHOTS OF PAUSED VIDEOS OF YOUR DOG: To take a screenshot on your iphone, you can click the home button and the sleep button at the same time. You will hear a photo snap sound. This will automatically save the screenshot to your photos album.
  • Use your iphones camera’s video setting.  Instead of trying to get your dog posed for that one perfect picture, try shooting 15 or 30 seconds of footage with your video camera feature.  When you view the video, you can pause the video frame-by-frame and choose the shots you like the best by taking screenshots of your phone.  This sneaky technique is an easy way to improve your pet photography skills!
  • Keep your dog calm.  Just like when the leash comes out, a dog can be excited by the sight of the camera.  He or she may have come to associate it with going outside or even just getting more attention from you.  If you really want to take some quality photos of your dog, try to make the experience as low key as possible.  Having a nonchalant attitude will likely carry over to your pet.  If you plan on making pictures outdoors, go ahead and take your dog out a few minutes prior to actually taking those photos.  This will give your dog a chance to settle down and get used to the new environment.  A dog that’s “chill” will photograph much better!
  • Get your dog’s attention.  Some pet owners have the opposite problem of an uninterested dog.  You may be lucky to get one shot of him or her actually looking at the camera.  If this sounds like you, try using your voice to get your dog’s attention.  Make high-pitched noises or whistle to get your dog to look in your direction and appear more enthusiastic about getting his or her picture made.  Your dog’s ears will perk up and you might even get that coveted head-cocked photo everyone hopes for!
  • Use those tricks and treats.  If your dog knows the basic commands of “sit” and “stay,” this is the perfect time to put those tricks to good use.  Take your dog’s favorite treat and hold it in one hand directly beside your camera.  Then, give your dog the verbal cues to be seated and remain that way.  When your dog sits, he or she will likely look at the treat which means he or she will be looking right at the camera.  Snap the photo with your other hand to capture a shot of your perfectly still dog!
  • Be patient.  Your dog is usually the one who has to wait for a treat, but when it comes to photography, you may be the one who has a delayed reward.  If you really want to take good pictures of your dog, it may take a while.  Don’t give up!  Good things come to those who wait.  Sometimes all it takes is a little understanding and persistence to achieve that ideal shot!
  • Get on your dog’s eye level. By getting down low to take a shot at the eye level of your dog, you will be able to really capture them well. This technique will work better if you get some distance between you and the dog.


  • Use your instagram filters. By clicking the sun icon and choosing one of the filters, you can give your photos a really cool look.

Taking photos of your dog can be difficult.  Whether your pup won’t look up or just can’t sit still, these simple tricks are sure to make your pet photography a little easier.  With these simple tips, you’ll get that perfect shot you were looking for.

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